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The Handicapper

From: £15.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a £1.00 sign-up fee

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Meet Claire. Born and raised around horses and the horse racing scene in East Sussex, the former stable hand now supplements her income from betting on handicap races in the UK and Ireland.

Claire uses her own ratings systems as well as numerous statistics sites and video form to assess races and build up a profile of the possibilities.

If you want a bang for your buck and some high value handicap snips then Claire is definitely the tipster for you!



Claire is in her early thirties and has been involved with horses all her life having been bought up on a farm in East Sussex with strong ties to horse racing. A former stable hand, Claire turned her love for horses into a profitable second income when beginning to bet on horses in 2008.

Since that time, Claire has found herself to be very profitable in handicap races, which has led her to study this niche in more depth to hone her ability.

After showing her worth in the proofing period at Ace Bets, Claire is now part of the team and is looking forward to making members money.


12 Payments Per Year


Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

What Starting Bank is Required?

As Claire can have a number of losing bets due to the nature of her niche, it’s best to have a bankroll of around 100 points.

How Many Bets will I Receive?

Claire’s tips revolve around a horse being ahead of the handicapper in her opinion. Tips are never just posted for the sake of a bet. You can expect anywhere from 20-40 bets per month.

What bookmaker accounts do I need?

All tipsters generally suggest opening a number of bookmaker accounts in order to take advantage of special terms and take better prices.

What if I subscribe and it’s not for me?

Claire has a 14 day free trial for all new subscribers. Use this time to decide if the service is for you!

What are the benefits of following The Handicapper?

Claire works tirelessly to provide good things in handicap races. She comes up with some fantastically priced winners and is a credit to Ace Bets.

What is the Odds Range of The Handicapper’s Advised Bets?

Specialising in handicaps, which tend to have bigger odds, Claire\s odds range is normally between 3/1 to 16/1

What Kind of Bets Will I Recieve?

Win bets and the very rare each way.

What Time will I Receive My Tips?

You will  normally receive selections on the morning of the races in question.

Results History

Reasons to Join The Handicapper

  • Handicap Specialist

    Better prices, better place terms. The Handicapper can spot a good thing.

  • 14 Day Free Trial

    The Handicapper service comes with a 14 day trial. Try before you buy!

  • Experience

    Claire was brought up around horses and has transferred her knowledge to the racecourse.

  • Expert handicapper

    Claire prides herself on her handicapping ability and often spots horses that are ahead of their mark.

  • Acebets proofing

    All tips proofed and recorded.

  • Big odds!

    The Handicapper quite often unearths big priced winners!


12 Payments Per Year


Per Month


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