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The Dugout

£19.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

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Want to get back to basics with your football betting yet make a good profit. The Dugout is your perfect partner.

A former High Street bookie employee and then going on to be a trader for a well known outfit, Pete now supplements his income betting on simple but effective goal markets.

We know betting isn’t easy, but Pete makes it look so with his analytical approach.

Get on board with The Dugout today. You won’t regret it.


The Dugout is all about simple, but profitable betting with the only focus on teams to score. If you are new to betting or like to keep things simple then The Dugout is for you.

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t be hugely profitable and more important consistent.

Pete has been using this simple concept for a number of years to turn over a very respectable level of income. With use of the ever more increasingly popular expected goals concept with the more traditional metrics of clean sheets, failed to score, shots on and off target aligned with team news, form and club news, Pete has all elements covered.


12 Payments Per Year


Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

What Starting Bank is Required?

Bet what you can afford and not a penny more. Each of my bets will be assigned a unit. Work out what 1 unit is for you. That can be £5, £10 or £100 and then stick to it. If I post a bet of 1.5 units you will know what the stake size should be. Don’t adjust from this unit size and you can track your P&L much easier.

How Many Bets will I Receive?

Weekends will be where we see the majority of the bets, purely because there is more games. I wont be betting on some unheard team from eastern Europe either.

All my bets will be in the UK with a few from the top European leagues. Majority of my bets will be posted to you early on in the week as I believe you can find better value as soon as the odds are out.

What bookmaker accounts do I need?

As my preferred bets are teams to score, teams to score 1.5 and the occasional over 1.5, 2,5 match goals I find that Skybet (as I can use this abroad) and Bet365 are my go to bookmakers. Yes, I am aware sometimes there might be better odds elsewhere, but i just find these two sites easier to use. Note that when you are backing a team to score on Bet365 you will need to use the “no clean sheet” for the opposition.

What if I subscribe and it’s not for me?

If you have changed your mind about subscribing to Dugout Tips for any reason within the first 14 days you can request a full refund. Just get in touch!

What are the benefits of following The Dugout?

I have been betting on these types of bets for many years. I love getting the early value and prefer to keep my bets to be very simple. I am not into all the new types of bets that we see now – corners, throw in, cards etc. Football is about scoring goals and I will often just take two sides to score a minimum of 1 goal each. I like to keep it simple.

What is the Odds Range of The Dugout’s Advised Bets?

I am not interested in the 1.5 odds. I like to keep my bets as close to even money as possible, but clearly this wont always be the case. Generally between 1.67 and even money.

What Kind of Bets Will I Recieve?

Teams to score 1 or 2 goals generally. Occasional match goals of over 1.5 & 2,5. These will be in the form of singles or doubles.

What Time will I Receive My Tips?

Tips will be sent out on a Thursday or Friday.

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Reasons to Join The Dugout

  • Back To Basics

    Pete bets on simple football betting goal markets in games in which he feels he has an edge.

  • Knowledge

    The Dugout is an expert in his niche of goals.

  • Experienced

    A former trader for a high street bookie, Pete knows when a price has value.

  • Early bets

    The early bird catches the value in this game and Pete will pass on his bets as soon as he spots them.

  • 14 day free trial!

    We can’t say fairer than that. Receive a 14 day free trial when you sign up so you can decide if the service is for you.

  • Late night bets

    The Dugout is an approachable guy and can be contacted on Telegram should you require any help.


12 Payments Per Year


Per Month


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