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£29.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

5.0 (16 reviews)

Are you looking to follow a long-term profitable, honest football tipster that has provided a loyal following for over two years? That’s exactly what you will get with GGTips.

Subscribe to the GGTips service for regular winners from a reputable tipster straight to your inbox and in the members area. What are you waiting for? Start profiting today!

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GGTips is the football betting advice service provided by Ian Hutchison.

Ian began his journey as a subscription tipster in early 2016 – providing a loyal group of members betting tips via private social media groups on Twitter and Facebook. Prior to that, he ran a number of successful betting forums in which he helped members learn to bet wiser and to knock bad habits.

Keeping costing low and great value for money, Ian has provided consistent profits for his members over the last 24 months, specialising in pre match football betting with occasional inplay offerings.

Areas of expertise include asian handicap betting and finding early value.

Ian is a partner in Acebets.com, and brings the ethos of providing a highly professional and honest betting service that offers great value for money, as well as catering for all levels of sports bettor.


12 Payments Per Year


Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

What Starting Bank is Required?

It is recommended that you have a betting bankroll of 100 units to follow GGTips. Individual stakes are advised between 1-5 units per bet. 5 units being a maximum stake.

How Many Bets will I Receive?

You will receive an average of 15-20 bets per month. Ian doesn’t believe in forcing bets out for no reason, and only sends selections he is fully confident in. Weekends are generally more buys that weekdays, but this can change according to selection criteria.

What bookmaker accounts do I need?

It is totally your choice. However Ian believes in taking best possible prices to maximise returns – he advises giving yourself a number of options. A Bet365 account is highly recommended due to large global match coverage, competitive odds and great asian handicap options.

What if I subscribe and it’s not for me?

If you have changed your mind about subscribing to GGTips for any reason within the first 14 days you can request a full refund. Just get in touch!

What are the benefits of following GGTips?

Losing runs are short (of course not guaranteed), meaning the next winner is just around the corner according to previous performance. Strike rate is high which keeps confidence and profit ever increasing.

What is the Odds Range of GGTips Advised Bets?

Average odds of advised bets over the course of the last 2 years are around 1.87. This indicates that GGTips applies his betting knowledge to undervalued favourites and asian handicap markets.

What Kind of Bets Will I Recieve?

GGTips concentrates on football match outcome bets which are generally home win, away win or similar markets such as draw no bet or Asian Handicap markets.

What Time will I Receive My Tips?

The aim is always to give members plenty of time to place the advised bet. Generally this will be by 10.30 am on weekends and 12.00 noon midweek. As always, an amount of flexibility will be required as information becomes available at differing times.

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Results History

Reasons to Join GGTips

  • Profitable for over 2 years

    Launching in 2016, with just a few negative months in over 2 years of service!

  • Regular winners

    A high strike rate means the next winner is just around the corner.

  • Over 25 years experience

    A longtime bettor, Ian knows all the tricks in the book when it comes to sports betting.

  • Expert help

    Ian is always available to answer questions and help you improve your betting.

  • 100% satisfaction

    If you aren’t impressed with the service, you can request a refund. We can’t say fairer than that!

  • Early value

    Ian loves to find early value. You’ll be the first to know with his service


12 Payments Per Year


Per Month

16 reviews for GGtips

  1. Foggy (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Ian for nigh on 2 years and he’s definitely the most consistent and profitable tipster I’ve come across as well as being a really sound guy who is happy to share his wealth of knowledge gained over many years in the betting industry. There’s no need for me to write a long review, just suffice to say you WILL be profitable following Ian’s service. One last thing, follow the critical advice he offers on staking, bankroll management and just as important, trying to emotionally detach yourself from the result of any bet, win or lose as he certainly changed my outlook on betting and how to give yourself the best chance of success!

  2. roodyhoo (verified owner)

    I used to be a mug punter placing on accas and always looking for the big win…. and always ending up down. In the last 2 years Ian has changed all that by:
    a) education relating to bank roll management, mindset, bet types, value, etc
    b) providing solid researched tips

    As a measure of his success I am now limited with several bookies! A sure sign I am troubling them by being profitable, a fact supported by my current bank roll!!

  3. Mathewt1111 (verified owner)

    Been a follower of ggtips from the start of the Facebook group , so 2 years + , Ian’s tipping style and articles have completely changed me from being a ‘punter’ to a profitable bettor. Not only have his own tips returned an excellent return but have actually helped me in my own decision making. I had recorded Ian’s tips from August 2017 – August 2018 and have them down as a +25.6 units and 12% ROI, fantastic investment . As many others have said don’t expect to be bombarded with tips , just expect around 200 solid tips a year which will give you a healthy return . Don’t hesitate to join as you won’t be disappointed

  4. glockhart (verified owner)

    High strike rate. Ian knows his domestic leagues and will consistently deliver profit. Don’t expect a high number of tips. Quality over quantity matched with a high strike rate and a solid ROI

  5. shad28960 (verified owner)

    Have been using Ian’s tipping service for 19 months now, which pretty much says it all. Consistently profitable with very considered tip selection. No, you won’t be getting tips everyday, but you will be profitable if you stick with Ian’s advice. I think the World Cup recently demonstrated Ian’s expertise in that he very quickly recognised this Work Cup was going to be bettors nightmare due to its unpredictability and kept well away. He was right. Stay, patient and disciplined and follow Ian’s tips and you will make money.

  6. shad28960 (verified owner)

    Have been using Ian’s tipping service for 19 months now, which pretty much says it all. Consistently profitable with very considered tip selection. No, you won’t be getting tips everyday, but you will be profitable if you stick with Ian’s advice. I think the World Cup recently demonstrated Ian’s expertise in that he very quickly recognised this Work Cup was going to be bettors nightmare due to its unpredictability and kept well away. He was right.

  7. belier (verified owner)

    Ian is,if not the best, one of the best European football tipsters l’ve ever followed. Solid tipping, no overbetting, never let down by bad results. His service is worth every single penny of his more than affordable price. If you want to receive winning tips, don’t hesitate!

  8. SenorKarlos (verified owner)

    I joined GGTips towards the end of last season and so glad I did, seeing a great ROI….so much so I have increased my pot for the upcoming season. Ian’s tips are well considered and reasoned. He clearly knows his stuff and his tipping service takes the stress out of picking your own. Also some great insight on betting strategy and markets. So, sign up, sit back and make some coin.

  9. Stevemacd (verified owner)

    Top tipster, no rushed bets and no panic betting, changed my throwing money at the bookies bad habits, looking forward to the new season ahead through Acebets.

  10. luketurner007 (verified owner)

    Been in since the early days. Straight up bloke with no bs. Good priced tips that are not just churned out for the sake of it. Most importantly – profitable!! Great service and a must for steady bankroll improvement.

  11. catinthehat (verified owner)

    I have followed many tipsters and have almost always had a similar outcome. Inaccurate or downright false recordings of results and odds that were hugely exaggerated. Bottom line was that money went down the pan and I never really stood a chance. I came across Ian and thankfully that is no longer the case. Not only am I making profit but also now understand the concept of only placing a bet when its considered value.

  12. DJYeates76 (verified owner)

    Have followed Ian since the beginning of GGTips facebook, so a long time now. Professional, honest, sensible volumes and never forces out a bet for the sake of it. His advice and mentality on betting is as valuable as his tips, which are very, very good. Follow his advice and you will see where you have been going wrong and you will be a better bettor.

  13. Birchmeister (verified owner)

    A fantastic service, not just for tipping, but also for advice. He won’t tip for tipping sake & flatly refuses to even when members ask, all tips are researched & I trust him completely to bring me long term profits. Been with him since 2016 & my gambling habits have totally changed thanks to Ian, patience is the key & if you are patient you will be rewarded

  14. Constarr (verified owner)

    Outstanding ROI along with clear explanations coming with every tip are what kept me following him for over a year now. The Service and response are also very good, so got nothing bad to say, def 5 Stars from me.

  15. Sam Humphreys (verified owner)

    Nothing but good to say about Ian’s tipping. Been a member since the very start of the Facebook group and has been a pleasure to deal with. Besides the fantastic strike rate and consistent profit (generally on football, on the Asian handicap market), the many betting guides he wrote and provided were more valuable than the tips themselves. How to operate a staking plan, how to keep calm during bad (or good) runs, how to identify value… all of these tools have definitely helped me understand lots about sports betting that I didn’t know before, and Ian has always had lots of time for his members, sharing advice and support.
    Glad to be a part of the service, and look forward to another season!

  16. Berrydepinth (verified owner)

    Honest tipster with a good strike rate. Definitely a quality over quantity approach. This service will make you money if you stick to the plan.

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