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Most sports bettors like to think that they can predict the outcome of all sporting events. However, there’s no doubt that you’ll be more successful in some fields than others. This is why finding your place in the market is crucial. Finding your speciality is the key.

This introduction should provide all the advice needed to use it to your advantage.

What Is Speciality Betting?

Back in previous generations, sports betting was a very simple environment. If you looked at football betting, for example, it was a case of backing singles on the win-draw-win market. Compare that to today’s coupons, and the contrast is simply incredible. The internet has changed everything.

In addition to seeking value by comparing the odds offered by different bookmakers, punters can now hunt the value by looking at alternative markets. Rather than simply betting on the outcome of an event, it’s possible to back certain situations occurring within the event. This can range from betting on century breaks in snooker to matched bets between two horses during the Grand National.

Speciality bettors may also focus on a specific sport or even a league. Online bookmakers take bets on virtually every professional event going. So, for many, those specialities essentially translate to focusing on a niche within the sports betting arena. This can include sticking to the standout markets and events. In most cases, though, the best punters look for the hidden value by delving a little deeper.

Why Is Speciality Betting So Popular Among Professional Punters?

Every gambler from causal to professional wants to make money. However, those with a serious interest in securing a regular return on investment are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. To do this, they must find a way of working the odds in their favour to gain an advantage of the house. Given the plethora of options available, specialising on niche markets has become a particularly common route to success.

When done well, speciality betting can bring many benefits in the bid to gain that edge. Those potential elements include:

1. Avoiding the threat of falling into bad habits linked to backing your favourite team or athlete. Betting without statistical research won’t always result in losses, but it makes it harder to gain the edge. By removing the emotional link and making it solely about profit, you’ll stand a far better short at achieving long-term profits.

2. Gaining the opportunity to find information that the bookmakers might not know. Social media sites and official websites can be a great place to find out about factors which may influence an outcome. When betting on the main leagues and sporting events, the bookies always know about those things. Sticking to obscure markets gives you a far better chance of gaining an edge thanks to research.

3. Preventing the danger of losing match result bets simply because luck wasn’t on your side. Many football games, for example, end in draws despite the fact one team dominated. Speciality betting enables the chance to stick with corners and markets that should still fly in even when the final result defies all logic.

4. Having the chance to spot badly priced markets for maximised value. When sticking to major events, any miscalculations from the bookies will be spotted immediately. On the lesser known markets, the reduced frequency of bets should give you a little more time to conduct the research needed to confirm your suspicions regarding the value. Likewise, it may take longer for bookmakers to spot changing trends in recent results.

As with every tool and strategy used by serious punters, specialising is aimed at making you a better bettor. And it does, particularly in comparison to more traditional methods, which is clearly why its popularity continues to soar.

What Should My Speciality Be?

The short answer is simple: whichever speciality earns the biggest ROIs and highest win percentages.

For the longer answer, you need to appreciate several factors in order to find the right pathway for your future betting activities.

How Easy Is It To Access Data?

Whatever speciality you choose, research will play an integral role at all times. If you cannot find the necessary data needed to analyse possible selections, you’ll essentially move into the realm of blind bets. In truth, this is far more problematic than sticking to popular markets.

How Good Am I At Reading The Data?

Having access to this data and inside information is a little redundant if it doesn’t translate to winning bets. Recording your results will soon clarify things either way. While it may be stressful to miss out on winners, completing a trial run without actually backing your picks may pay dividends.

How Many Bookmakers Offer Odds?

Whether attempting to find a niche league/event or a specialist market, having more channels available for your potential bets naturally makes life a lot easier. A lack of options limits your hopes of getting the best value while a market closure could scupper your hopes of a win altogether.

What Are The Bet Restrictions?

Some of the speciality markets and bets on obscure events are restricted by frustratingly low maximum bet values. This won’t affect everyone, but high stakes bettors should take this into account. Otherwise, your entire staking plan could be in serious jeopardy.

When you take this information on board, finding the right speciality should become relatively straightforward.

How To Make The Most Out Of Speciality Betting

If you’re going to profit from speciality betting on a long-term basis, it’s vital that you following a winning plan of action. Follow these seven simple stages, and you’ll no longer rely on luck.

1. Understand the speciality markets before placing a bet on them. The potential of a refund, for example, could have a huge impact on the value of those selections.

2. Always use statistical analysis and research for the basis of your selections. This can include checking head-to-head records and the history of a team/athlete at the set venue.

3. Know whether your staking plan is suited to the speciality market. If it doesn’t, you will need to change one of those two factors.

4. Check the customer request specials and headline offers promoted by the various bookmakers. These can often include some selections that relate to your chosen market.

5. Place any pre-event stakes at once. Traders may change the odds of obscure events and markets even after one relatively small stake. As the odds fall, so does your potential value.

6. Look for value on in-play markets. If the bookies do make an error of judgement, the traders will have far greater difficulties balancing the books once the event has started.

7. Accept that some speciality markets are erratic. If this leads to continued losing bets, finding an alternative niche may be required.

Even a winning plan of action won’t guarantee a profit. Still, with the odds back in your favour, gaining an edge over the house is more likely than ever.


Speciality betting can be a great way to make betting pay because the niche markets leave the bookies at potentially greater risk. With the right level of research, it becomes possible to gain an edge that previously wasn’t available.

When backed up by the right staking plan, bankroll management, and general understanding, this can be one of the smoothest routes to profit.

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