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Are you tired of making sports predictions and watching your hard-earned cash disappear at the bookies? Well, have no fear because Ace Bets is here to teach you the art of beating the bookies and making a profit from sports betting.

With our winning strategies and insider tips, you’ll be able to turn your sports predictions into pound notes in no time. So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and let us take you on a journey to becoming a better bettor and making some serious money.

The Harsh Truths about Sports Betting

The sports betting industry offers one of the most lucrative business models in modern society. Millions of bets are placed around the country every single day, and there are around 8,500 betting shops in the UK.

When added to the takings of online bookmakers, the industry yields a colossal £18.3 billion per year. While this does include betting activities outside of sports trading, there is one clear message: the bookies always win – at least when taking on the entire public.

Nonetheless, there are still thousands of punters up and down the country that secure healthy ROIs every single month. With the right tools, you can be one of them!
If you are going to beat the bookies, though, it’s vital that you accept a few realities.

Understanding the Bookmaker’s Odds Advantage

This means that backing every possible outcome will result in losses. For example, two tennis players with a 50-50 chance may be priced at 5/6. If you back both players for ÂŁ10, your ÂŁ18.33 returns will be ÂŁ1.67 short of breaking even. This ÂŁ1.67 is the house edge.

Translation: for every 100 people that are winning, there are in excess of 100 losers. Your job is to ensure that you fall into the right category.

There is a way of guaranteeing a profit through using different bookmakers to cover all possible outcomes when the opportunity arises. This is called arbing and is a tutorial for another day.

Beating the bookies is a slog

You’ve probably seen a few winning slips where people win thousands from a weekend 10-fold, and it is possible that you’ll land one of your own. In reality, though, winning money from the bookies consistently requires a lot of hard work.

Several tools can be used to work the odds in your favour while patience, discipline and bankroll management are key. If you expect to see a 1000% ROI overnight, you’re probably in the wrong game.

The bookies will try to make things difficult

This shouldn’t come as surprise, but the bookies are only interested in taking money from the punters. As such, they can take several precautions to limit their exposure. From placing maximum bet limits to correcting the odds after a palpable error, these things can be infuriating.

Consequently, the ability to remain calm regardless in those situations can pay dividends. Meanwhile, there are other methods and measures that can be used to limit those problems.

The Good News: Despite those realities, the fact remains that smart and responsible punters can gain an edge over the bookies for sustained profits. With the help of our guides, your hopes of beating the bookie will be better than ever.

Why do most players lose?

The bookies are very clever, and can entice punters into making some very poor decisions. In most cases, this can ultimately be attributed to chasing the quick life-changing victory. Essentially, a lack of accountability and strategy is the main issue.

So, if you’ve struggled to make money from betting in the past, it’s probably due to:

1. Letting the heart rule the head by betting on your favourite team(s) or athlete(s).
2. Following bad habits and betting erratically, especially when bored or drunk.
3. No long-term strategy.

Our guides and advice will help you eradicate those mistakes. The route to better selections and increased profits beckons.

It’s not all about luck

Any successful punter will confirm that it doesn’t hurt to have a little lady luck on your side. In reality, though, securing long-term profits from sports betting relies on so much more. Quite frankly, this is a game of skill – if you’re wanting to win big from luck alone, you may as well stick to playing the lottery!

Whether a professional gambler or a casual punter that simply wants to start winning more money, it’s all about putting the odds in your favour. Developing the skills and attributes needed to make betting pay is the only way to guarantee the best Return on Investment.

6 Golden Rules for Betting Success

1. Finding Value: The ability to calculate the chances of an outcome occurring and weighing it up against the odds is one of the most important skills in betting. Using statistical bet research and mathematical equations will certainly make you a better bettor.

2. Reading Research: Betting on gut instincts alone will leave you open to many mistakes. Knowing how to read the stats as well as outside factors (weather, injuries, etc) enables you to make more informed betting selections.

3. Bankroll Management: Given that the purpose of betting is to win money, learning to manage your funds in a winning fashion is key. From building a staking plan to knowing when to make withdrawals, those strategies make a world of difference.

4. Analysing Performance: Every punter has their strengths and weaknesses. Finding ways to cut out the bad habits while focusing on the niche where you win the most bets is key. Even if it means removing emotional attachments, it’s imperative that you achieve this goal.

5. System Development: Many bad gamblers are guilty of erratic behaviours. Whether it’s backing odds-on singles or valuable outsiders, building a system that will maximise your returns without ruining your staking plan will work wonders.

6. Setting Goals: While every punter shares a goal of making money, all gamblers have individual targets for their betting activities. Understanding your individual situation and motives will provide the guidance needed for sustained success.

Perfecting each of those skills can feel like a daunting prospect. With our guides and support, though, you’ll be making better decisions – both in terms of selections and financial management – in no time!

Are you ready to Start Winning?

If you’re serious about winning money from bets, let us teach you! Our experts boast years of experience and are ready to show you everything needed to develop positive betting habits.

From understanding whether a selection is really worth backing to knowing how much you should bet, those improvements will lead to greater productivity. You’ll even learn to target markets and incorporate methods, like specialising, that most punters will never understand.

With Ace Bets, you’ve just effectively stolen the bookie’s advantage. Let’s go make some money!

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