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Every punter likes to think they have a knack of predicting the outcomes of various sporting events, and gut instincts can certainly make a big contribution. However, anyone that is serious about gambling will soon learn to appreciate the importance of bet research. Frankly, it could be the key to becoming a better bettor.

By the end of this guide, you’ll understand everything there is to know about research, along with how it can be used to make betting pay on a long-term basis.

Why Is Bet Research Necessary?

In the ongoing battle for sustained profits, gaining an edge over the bookies is a major priority. To borrow an old cliché, knowledge is power. With the right type of research, you can essentially put yourself in a far stronger position for each betting selection. In turn, this should help you find better value and increase your win percentages, which will ultimately lead to maximised returns on investment.

Anyone can pick a team or individual to win a specific event or match based on their opinions. While those selections may well roll in, it’s important to remember that your subjective views can be influenced by a whole host of factors. This could be something as simple as being a supporter of a football team or remembering that a horse won you money in the past.

Those elements can be useful in your decision making processes, but should be supported by the statistical analysis that reaffirm those initial thoughts. Essentially, this research will confirm that your selections offer great value, allowing you to bet with great confidence. Meanwhile, it should help you avoid falling into the various traps and bad habits, such as betting on impulse alone.

Research is a key part of forming a disciplined strategy built for steady and sustained returns. For that reason alone, every player should learn to develop those necessary skills.

How Can Bet Research Help With My Selections?

Like any betting tool, appreciating how it can actively aid your selections and activities is vital. As already mentioned, research is used to help you gain an edge over the house. But how?

Here are some of the specific benefits that can be gained from in-depth research, and how it’ll point you towards better selections:

1. Bet Research won’t only let you decide whether a selection is likely to win. It’ll also add clarity when calculating whether the odds offered represent value for that outcome occurring, which essentially enables you to keep the odds in your favour.

2. Research will allow you to look at the big picture, accounting for the elements that could easily be overlooked by working on gut instinct alone. This reduces the number of wasted bets greatly.

3. Research encourages you to look at other possible markets rather than the most obvious ones. Specialising in an obscure market such as corners or booking points can give you a far greater edge, especially when you’ve spotted trends that the bookies have yet to notice.

4. Research shows you how to find value in sports and events that you aren’t even interested in. When your bets become solely about profit, you’ll be far more likely to make smarter selections based on factual evidence.

Good bet research will ultimately point you towards good selections and away from the bad ones. Of course, there are going to be exceptions, especially when events don’t develop according to the script. Generally speaking, though, there’s no question that research will do more good than harm.

Where Can I Gain Valuable Bet Research?

The growth of digital technology has changed everything, and it’s now possible to gain research from a host of sources at the click of a button. Here are just some of the resources that could prove to be useful depending on the sports you bet on.


The professionals aren’t always right with their selections, although they probably have a far better win ratio than your mate Dave down the pub. Tellingly, though, their insight into what is happening behind the scenes could provide information that influences your decisions greatly.

News Sources

A little look at elements such as injuries and suspensions can make a big impact, particularly if a star player is missing. Aside from news sources, you could look at the official team website to gather this information.

Statistical Sites

Whether it’s the Racing Post or Soccerway, you can find a plethora of data relating to the past performances. Meanwhile, other sites built specifically with betting in mind can go into intense detail, covering things such as double faults in tennis or three points scored in basketball.

The list of potential resources is extensive and every punter will need to search around for the ones which work for their specific needs. Find the right formula, though, and those betting results will rapidly improve.

What Should I Analyse?

All punters have their preferred sports, leagues, and events. As such, the metrics used during your research could vary massively from a friend’s. These are some of the most common factors to look for in your bid to determine whether a selection offers value.

  • Recent general form, plus injuries and other influential features
  • Head-to-head form against the opposition
  • Form on a particular pitch, track, or course
  • Statistics relating to dominance – such as corners for a football team
  • Disciplinary records, particularly in team sports
  • Total goals or points scored by an individual
  • Whether the pitch, court, or course lends itself to improved or restricted performance
  • Whether all competitors have something to play for
  • Length of time since the last event involving your selected team
  • Whether the team or athlete has a habit of clearing the selected line.

In truth, those are just many of the features that you can analyse. Once you’ve discovered the events and markets you prefer, knowing which metrics are worth tracking will become second nature.


Bet Research is a valuable tool that prevents you from betting blindly and potentially wasting your money. When used correctly, it allows you to bet with extreme confidence while seeking the best value by analysing various markets from the same events. It’ll also provide some insight into exposure levels.

Studying the form and statistical features to support your gut instincts can take a little time. However, the bolstered bankrolls will make those efforts worthwhile. After all, maximised profits are the aim of the game.

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