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If you are serious about generating sustained profits from sports betting, becoming a better bettor should be top of the agenda. To successfully do this, you must learn to analyse every aspect of your performance, particularly those areas that could be improved. Otherwise, the chances of unlocking the best return on investment will be slim to none.

Every gambler is capable of falling into bad betting habits, particularly in the fierce arena of sports betting. Eradicate them from your activities with this guide, and the rewards will soon show.

Why Should You Remove The Bad Betting Habits Right Now?

Every punter needs to accept that it is impossible to maintain a 100% success ratio, and the fact is that you will lose bets. Nonetheless, this cannot be confused with an excuse to fall into bad habits.

Even the smartest punters and value seekers will make poor selections from time to time while it’s also worth noting that there are so many variable to consider, including red cards in football or slight injuries in tennis. A single losing bet is nothing to worry about, but problems can quickly escalate if you let those bad habits take over.

Bad betting habits can undo all the good work achieved elsewhere, significantly reducing your hopes of long-term winnings. Furthermore, the inevitable losses from those continued poor decisions will crank up the stress and pressure. Now is the time to stop.

What Is The Definition Of A Bad Betting Habit?

It might sound a little contradictory to say that not all losing bets are bad bets, but it’s true. If you can reflect on the selection knowing that the statistics and other factors confirmed it to offer good value, you’re probably just fine. Likewise, the unpredictable nature of sports means that you can sometimes just write it off as bad luck. The bad bets are the ones that seem to keep appearing in the lost column of your records.

A bad betting habit is, therefore, commonly defined as one that regularly sees your bankroll fall. This could be due to several reasons, although it’s usually down to frequently making poor decisions.

However, in the same way that losing bets aren’t always bad, bad bets won’t always lose. Even if you enjoy temporary winnings, any habits that result in the abandonment of staking plans and general bankroll management can be considered negative habits. You cannot ride your luck forever, and those issues will eventually hit your pocket. Hard.

Good betting is ultimately about maintaining the right mindset and building steady profits. If any of your betting habits stop you from doing this, they can be considered bad.

The Most Common Bad Betting Habits Explained

With so many different ways to approach sports betting, it’s unsurprising to learn that bad habits can surface from many sources. However, identifying them is the first major step to beating those negative influences.

Here are the key areas to keep an eye on.

Boredom Betting

Betting for the sake of it is one of the worst bad betting habits you could ever develop. This will often result in placing bets with very little research into the selections, which makes it a lot harder to unearth the value. Likewise, this makes it very tempting to abandon your staking plans and ordinarily positive guidelines.

Boredom bets can sometimes pay dividends but will usually result in long-term losses, particularly when placing multiples. Worst of all, betting simply because gambling is on the mind can lead to addiction.

Chasing losses

Losses are a natural part of any punter’s life. Sadly, this doesn’t make it any easier to take. Human nature dictates that you’ll want to win that money back ASAP. However, sports betting on a serious level should be a marathon, not a sprint. Turning your back on tried and tested methods in hopes of recouping the losses will often lead to increased damage.

This can soon take on a snowball effect until your bankroll has been obliterated by a single bad run. Apart from anything else, the negative mindset is likely to cloud your judgement or see you select markets that you don’t fully understand.

Ignoring losses

Every gambler needs confidence and a sense of ego. However, we all have friends that only ever tell us about the winners. In truth, you’re unlikely to broadcast losing bets to the world either. Nonetheless, it’s vital that you avoid the danger hiding them from yourself. Or else, you could get a warped image of your performances.

Kidding yourself into believing that you’ve won more than the reality is one of the worst things you can do. Not least because it can encourage you to place bigger stakes than you should.

Staying loyal

All punters have their favourite bookmakers and betting sites, which is fine. However, the odds can fluctuate massively between one bookies and the next. Limiting yourself to just one account means that you have to take the price you see, even when something better may be available elsewhere.

Gaining maximised potential payouts is a key aspect of achieving positive ROIs. Failure to do this is essentially no different to giving a percentage of your winnings back to the house. Over the long haul, this will have a telling impact on your outcomes.

Dismissing research

Even with hours of research, finding value isn’t easy. Trying to spot the best bets without looking at the stats and other influential factors hands the initiative to the bookies. This is especially true when you’re on a winning streak. Unfortunately, cutting corners will compromise the success of your previously effective strategies.

On a similar note, it would be very easy to read tips from another service and take their words as gospel. Supporting those suggested bets with your own research will provide all the confirmation needed before placing the wager.

Our Top Tips For Beating Bad Betting Habits

If you are ever going to successfully make betting pay on a long-term basis, beating those bad betting habits is key. While each punter needs to find their own route to success, here are our six top tips to help you prevail.

1. Record the results of all bets made. This will allow you to quickly identify the sports, leagues, or specific markets that are costing you dearly. It may even show a variance between weekdays versus the weekend. Act upon this data.

2. Remind yourself that is better to miss a winner than back a likely loser. The right mindset should stop you from rushing into bets without conducting necessary research to confirm whether the selection offers value.

3. Open several accounts, but never keep a huge percentage of your overall bankroll in any one account. In addition to preventing the threat of placing too many bets at once, it should result in better average odds. It can also prevent the likelihood of being limited.

4. Build a staking plan, betting method, and bankroll management scheme that suits your budget and general gambling activities. After all, a winning strategy is only a winning strategy if it actively works for you.

5. Accept that you are capable of falling into bad habits, and stay vigilant to them. Even when you are turning a profit, it would be very naïve to overlook the need for reviewing your strategies on a regular basis.

6. Don’t be afraid to walk away from betting for a day or two. It’s true that you may miss a winner, but you’re far more likely to save yourself from yet more losing selections. Returning with fresh eyes is often the best thing you can do.


Nobody is invincible in the harsh climate of sports betting, and losing streaks will occur from time to time. Unfortunately, those will become far more frequent when you are guilty of bad betting habits. Identifying and eradicating them should prevent major bankroll destruction, giving you the best shot at sustained success.

Those negative influences may relate to your general activities or a specific aspect of your betting ventures. One way or another, finding a way to overcome those issues will turn you into a far better gambler. In turn, this enables you to enjoy the rewards of your positive habits and ability to pick winning selections.

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