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Tipping by it’s very nature encourages gambling. However, at Ace Bets we very much encourage responsible gambling. So much so that we have a complete section on the psychological side of gambling, helping you to iron out any problems that could lead you to problems at any point.

Being Sensible With Your Stakes

Please never ever gamble what you can’t afford to lose. Gambling is never risk free. You are putting your stake at risk every time that you place a bet. We encourage that all members have a separate betting bankroll that is solely for the purpose of gambling. That way, you are not using money that was meant for more important things.

We also cover staking advice. Once you have a betting bankroll in place, you should never ever place more than 5% of your total betting bankroll on any one bet. All tipsters on Ace Bets operate on the same staking plan and will never advise a bet of more than the aforementioned figure.

Thinking Longterm

Profitable gamblers think long term and do not allow day to day variance cloud their judgement. While winning is always the aim, bets lose and that is a fact. Your ability to deal with a loser just as well as you deal with a winner is a very important thing. Please do not deviate from the plan. Long term profit is what it’s all about. Please do not think for a second that either this or any site is a get rich quick scheme.

When It Gets Too Much

If you find that betting is taking over your life and consuming your every thought, or even that you get a feeling that gambling may be giving you unwanted stress, then it’s time to stop and get help. offer a wide range of help for anybody that feels they have a problem with gambling. They have a live a freephone gambling helpline which is open until midnight 7 days a week, a live online chat service, and the website has a number of articles and information which could be helpful. is another option which provides lots of tutorials, a self assessment which can help you uncover a gambling problem, as well as live chat, telephone, and forum services.

We have also written an article that will help you spot when it’s time to take a break from gambling.

When The Fun Stops, Stop

This is the warning that is now included in all advertising from bookmakers, whether online, on TV or in betting shops. While we agree with the principle, Ace Bets is a professional betting website which aims to provide bettors with longterm profit and we see betting as a profitable investment rather than fun.

That said, if you are betting for a bit of fun and it is no longer enjoyable – please stop. If you have an interest in making a longterm profit from betting, a completely different mindset has to be reached.

Do not let gambling consume you. Get help.

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