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Here are a couple more bets sent in by James for today. And what a profitable day he had yesterday in the In-Play group with 8 winners. If you haven’t joined the In-Play Group yet, you can get a massive discount for being a subscriber to the Betting Desk , See here for details.

Today’s bets:

Championship – Sunday 12:00
Ipswich vs Norwich
Bet: Ipswich over 1 card & over 3 corners
Odds & Bookie: 1.9 with Bet365 with bet builder
Stake: 0.5 units

La Liga – Sunday 7:45
Sevilla vs Betis
Bet: Over 3 2nd half cards
Odds & Bookie: 1.67 with Will Hills ONLY
Stake: 0.5 units

Ipswich vs Norwich

It’s the old farm derby on Sunday as Norwich travel down to Suffolk to face Ipswich at Portman Road.

The last time Ipswich tasted success over the bitter rivals was 2009 and if Ipswich are going to beat Norwich it needs to be now.

A change of manager has not had the desired affect that many fans wanted and Ipswich now sit bottom of the league. I was reading their fan forum and one supporter summed it up nicely. “You can buy one or two players from L1 and bed them in, you buy 7 players from L1 and you become exactly that….a league 1 team.

Norwich aren’t that better and they seemed to have resolved the issue with scoring goals but now concede plenty. They too are struggling and both managers are under early season pressure.

Anyway onto the bet. Norwich have conceded 4,4,9,2,4 corners in their matches so far. Ipswich have won 7,4,2,11,3 (the two was when they had 10 men for 60 mins – remember the 2nd part of our bet…..cards!!)

Ipswich should be up for this game. For many fans this will make up for being bottom and a few won’t care if relegation comes in May if they win this game, yes they really are that simple in Suffolk. They have signed Walters from Burnley and Pennington from Everton and will probably line up with two wide players either side of Walters, so attacking down the flanks should hopefully help with picking up corners.

Ipswich have picked up at least two cards in all but one game this season and have seen two players red carded in their 5 games. It’s a must win game for them and defeat will leave new manager Hurst under pressure already. The players have been out in front of the media giving the usual battles cries. In previous games against Norwich they have picked up 5,3,2,0,2

If we use the bet365 bet builder we can get ipswich to have over 1 card and over 3 corners at 1.9 – so we need 2 cards and 4 corners.

It’s a local derby where form book can go out the window so just half a unit here.

Sevilla vs Betis

We have a cracker on Sunday night in Sevilla. Make sure you are settled down and ready to watch this feisty game with a mad ref.

So Saturday was a day full of a odd results, but that’s why we have a staking plan. However, the new in play group was rocking. If you haven’t join then do so,

So onto Sunday evening and one of the games of the season I love. This should be epic.

Its Saturday night so I am not going to type loads of facts but I will give you the 2nd half card could in the last 13 games between these two:

2,7,3,4,6,9,4,2,6,5,6,5,4 – So that 10 of the 13 games with 4 or more 2ND HALF CARDS!! Plenty of cards.

The ref is crazy………..step forward Senor Manzano. The last 4 season have seen him dish out an average of 5.2, 6.2, 6.31 and 6.25 cards per game! He has the ability to go card mental.

He has taken charge of this fixture once before and handed out 7 2nd half cards.

La Liga doesn’t seem to be as card happy as it was a few seasons ago so just a half unit on this one.

Good Luck!

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