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Being so busy providing tips for our members as well as proofing a host of potential future tipsters, we thought it about time to post an update of what the process entails and how we get the very best out of the tipsters undergoing the extended trial.

As you know, Ace Bets is looking for tipsters that can provide our members great value selections at a great price. Our very competitive subscription fees by no means reflects the quality of the tips themselves. This is something we make very clear to potential tipsters from the start. We want bettors to be profitable without having to pay the earth to get there.

In-form Tipsters

Ace Bets has been proofing since April, which is actually a couple of months before the site launched at the end of July. In that time we have unearthed some amazing talent in the horse racing sphere. Take Tony McStay of Front Runners. Starting his proofing at the end of May, he’s gone on to make over 42 points of profit with a staggering 32% strike rate over a period of 194 bets.

What we have noticed, is that there have been many football ‘tipsters’ trying their luck at our proofing process, only to fail miserably. Now, this can be down to an extended period of bad luck, but the guys proofing these bets are seasoned punters and it’s not just the results we look at – it’s the actual selection process too. This is why only genuine, hard working tipsters can pass our process and eventually go live to the public with our blessing.

Ace Bets understands the importance of specialising in a certain field when it comes to professional gambling. What we look for is an expert in their field and market of choice. We’ve written an article regarding this subject, and it’s certainly paying dividends for our members.

Tipsters Going Live Soon

So writing now on the 11th October, we have a number of tipsters that will be going live to the public very shortly. Ray O’Brien who specialises in National Hunt racing (jumps horse racing) has really impressed us with his bets. We were lucky enough to be given a free tip from him in September which resulted in Laurium bowling home at 12/1! He’s got some great stats and we look forward to introducing him to our viewers.

With every positive comes a negative, and we had to release 5 potential tipsters this week. It’s absolutely not in our interest to name any names, but it became pretty clear that a few of those were not cut out to provide tips to paying members. We have, however got a new batch coming through and we wish them all the best in the process.

So, we move on in the quest to continue providing the best quality tips available, at a price that is affordable to most. Value is the key, and we think we provide bundles of it!

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