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Betting on Darts
1. Darts Betting – Understanding The Sport & The Markets
2. Darts Betting – Betting Methods That Hit The Target
3. Darts Betting – The PDC & BDO World Championships
4. Darts Betting – The Premier League Darts

To truly unlock the full potential of darts betting, you will need to be active throughout the calendar year. Nonetheless, the period from mid-December to mid-January is the most important by far because this is when both the PDC and BDO hold their annual World Championship tournaments.

There’s more matches, more drama, and potentially more profit to be had from the biggest events in the sport. Master these events by giving them the extra attention they deserve, and the festivities will be better than ever.

It’s never too early to cast one eye ahead to this incredible opportunity. Here’s how you can plot your route to profit.

Why Focus On The World Championship?

From a sporting perspective, the PDC World Championship is a chance to see the world’s best darts players compete for the biggest prize in the sport. Meanwhile, even the BDO is a highly competitive event that everyone wants to win.

Apart from providing intense drama at the oche, the knowledge that every player will be more determined than ever makes it a particularly attractive prospect for punters. There are more matches and, therefore, more opportunities. So, while there’s a lot to take in, this is where your bank balance can see a significant increase in a small space of time.

What’s more, the possibilities will be even greater from 2019.

The PDC World Championship Gets Bigger & Better For 2019

As the Barry Hearn juggernaut continues to thrive, the PDC World Championship is set to expand from 72 to 96 players from the 2018/19 event. That ultimately means more matches, including those involving outsiders that are still someway short of the top stars. Whichever markets you wish to bet on, this year’s event will be more promising than ever.

The Ally Pally stage is a brutal environment, especially for those players that lack experience at the very top. That could give some of the more experienced outsiders a greater chance of racking up some wins on the big stage. And if we do see any early round shocks, the big sharks will be waiting to cruise their way into the later rounds.

While the value on the straight win coupon might not always be there, the other markets will give you a great shot at success. Conversely, if anyone replicates the form of Rob Cross in 2017/18 in the months leading up to the 2019 event, there could be a lot of value in the early rounds.

Making The Most Of Your 2019 PDC (And BDO) World Championship Bets

The World Championships from both the PDC and BDO can provide the key to fantastic profits. However, they could equally cause your bankroll to fall at a rapid rate. Therefore, it’s imperative that all punters take the necessary steps to make the right selections and gain the best odds.

Here are six quick tips that should help you on your way.

  1. Know the markets. The World Championship markets are likely to have more available markets than any other tournament. Understanding them all instantly increases your hopes of finding the value.
  2. Track the action in October and November as this is when players are notoriously finding their form ahead of the big event. Read previews from the experts during the events too.
  3. Look at the draw, especially when thinking about outright bets and selections relating to the tournament rather than a match, A kind draw can make a world of difference, not least now the field has grown. This is a key point for the Men’s and Women’s BDO events too.
  4. Know the bookmaker promotions. The bookies will use the excitement of the tournament to entice customers with various concessions. These could range from refunds if accas lose by one leg, or enhanced odds and headline offers.
  5. Look at the odds across various bookmakers and remember that different bookies may have varying names for the same market.
  6. Build a suitable staking plan. Whether it’s level staking or using weighted stakes depending on the risk factor, knowing how much to bet on each selection is vital.

Betting Tactics For The PDC World Championship

Conducting the right research should help you find the right value on the best markets throughout the 2019 PDC World Championship. Still, there needs to be a methodology behind your selections too. Here are just three that can be used to great effect.

Tactic #1: Backing Early Round Favourites

One of the most attractive things about betting on darts is that most of the markets only have two possible outcomes. This is certainly true on the match result coupon at the World Championships, making it a great option for building accumulators, particularly in the early rounds.

The odds on single selections might not be great, but it’s very rare to see the likes of Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson, Peter Wright, and Rob Cross suffer shock defeats to players outside the top 32, which they are likely to be playing once they enter the competition. Therefore, those early rounds are a great opportunity to string a number of selections together, not least because the matches follow the sets format.

In fact, you mini best of five legs are likely to go to the heavy favourite, meaning you can often back the top stars on a -1.5 sets handicap for a boosted payout.

Tactic #2: Taking The 180s Handicap

Thanks to the sets format, you are guaranteed to get at least nine legs of action. In truth, though, even a 3-0 result will probably have around 13 legs while matches that go longer could hit the 20 legs mark. In other tournaments, that would be seen as a long time to be at the oche, so you should expect to see a few 180s.

Whether gaining better value by backing a superstar like MVG or backing someone a like Dave Chisnall or Adrian Lewis, who are both capable of falling victim to unexpected exits in spite of big scores, this market can be very useful indeed.

The 180s handicap and ‘player to hit the most 180s’ lines both have the potential to be very productive indeed.

Tactic #3: The Match Treble Market

The match treble market is one in which you are backing a player to win, score the most 180s, and get the highest checkout. Over the short format, taking this market can feel like a lottery. Over the longer format of World Championship matches, though, there’s more than enough time for these selections to come good.

Furthermore, if a player is likely to dominate match then the 180s and highest checkout are quite likely to follow. This can be a little riskier when it gets to the final stages, but the odds offered can often present great value. As long as you continue to play the percentages, the ROIs over the course of the tournament should raise a smile.

Of course, you can also look for in-play betting to further enhance your profits. Sometimes, a player can lose the first set where they didn’t have the darts yet come back to win the match without any real trouble.

Betting Tactics For The BDO World Championship

The BDO World Championship follows a similar format, so you can use similar tactics (although you should note that 180s are fearless common).

In truth, the tournament betting may be your best bet here. After winning the tournament in 2017 and 2018, Glen Durrant will be overwhelming favourite in 2019 with good reason. On the Women’s side of the draw, waiting for the draw should help you plot the value bet as you can draw a line through most names before a dart has been thrown.

Final Thoughts

Both the PDC and BDO World Championships offer a chance to win big. With the right staking plan, the right research, and the right choice regarding markets, it could be your most profitable period of the year. And once that’s over the PDC Premier League betting opportunities will surface.

If you love the darts and love winning bets, give our fourth and final part of this guide a read.

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