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Have a question or query about Acebets.com and it’s services? Take a look at the FAQ’s below and if you still require help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What does Acebets.com offer?

Ace Bets offers free betting tutorials and guides as well as premium subscription services to profitable tipsters via the members area (register now for free).

Do you give out any free betting tips?

Yes. We use Telegram as our notification service to keep in touch with you in real time. Follow our free bets right here at Telegram.

How are the tipsters records kept?

Ace Bets acts as the proofing for the tipsters used on site. All selections are recorded on to each individuals profit and loss sheet. Every sheet is publicly accessible, so you can see exactly how each tipster is performing while considering which one to subscribe to.

How do I get the tips?

All tips for all services are available on site after logging in to the members area.

Members who have paid for a premium subscription to a tipster can also pick up their tips via the members area. All premium tips are protected posts and are only available to subscribers.

All tips are also posted to members in our Telegram Channels. Each tipster has his own channel. Telegram is proven to be the fastest and most reliable form of instant notification.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel membership you simply have to log in to your account on site and in the dashboard click “membership”. Hit the green “view” button and you have the option to cancel your subscription.

Please note: Cancelling your membership will remove you from all subscription services immediately (this includes the tips and the emails) even if you have time remaining until your next due payment. Please this bear in mind before cancelling.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes you can! To do this just log into your profile and in the dashboard “membership” section hit “view billing” and there is an option to suspend your membership. Access to all subscription services will be suspended until you reactivate your membership. No payments will be taken while your membership is paused.

Please note: Please only suspend your membership if you plan to have one full month or more away from the site. Any less than this before the account is reactivated will cause your payment to come out on it’s original date.

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

Yes. You can subscribe to as many tipster packages as you wish. Every service subscribed to will be available to view in the members area.

Do you have any discounts?

Ace Bets runs regular discounts and promotions on subscription packages. These are all sent out via email. To receive these emails you simply have to create your free membership profile. This also entitles you to our free tips.

Do Ace Bets guarantee profits?

We’re afraid it’s absolutely impossible to guarantee profit. Anyone professing to do this is quite frankly deceiving you. The tipsters on Acebets.com are profitable in the long-term but this doesn’t mean that every day, week, or even month will show profit.

Gamblers wanting to make profits should already know that long-term results are the most important thing.

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