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Even if you’re very new to football betting, you’ve probably encountered the phrase Both Teams To Score. This relates to a specific football betting market, and it’s both easy to understand and potentially very effective in pursuing long-term profits.

Here’s all you need to know about the Both Teams To Score market and how to successfully incorporate it into your repertoire.

How Does Both Teams To Score Work?

In the world of football, it only takes one second to score a goal. The Both Teams To Score market (often simplified to BTTS) simply means that you need each team to get at least one goal during the 90 minutes. In other words, you don’t want either team to keep a clean sheet.

  • The game ends with both teams scoring at least 1 goal = Bet wins
  • One team (or both) fails to score any goals = Bet loses

The winner is irrelevant. If both teams find the target at some stage, your selection will win. Whether it’s a 5-3 thriller or a 1-1 draw, you’ll be celebrating with some tidy profits.

You can also bet on the ‘BTTS No’ market. This means you’re backing at least one of the sides to register a clean sheet.

Is Both Teams To Score a good bet?

While older punters may remember when bets were limited to the standard 1×2 market, the growth of the digital age has opened the door to several different football betting markets, including handicaps, Draw No Bet, and total goals.

However, the BTTS coupon is arguably the most popular alternative market among modern gamblers.

Here are just some of the reasons why we think that Both Teams to Score is a good bet.

  • The house edge is minimal because there are only two outcomes (Yes or No) rather than three (Home, Draw, Away) on the match result coupon.
  • The bet is active until the final whistle (unless it has already won).
  • Even if a team is losing 5-0, a last-minute consolation goal can win the bet. So, even if the game doesn’t go to plan, the BTTS winner could come in.
  • Bets can be won long before the final whistle, allowing you to seek out the next winner.
  • It’s rare for the odds on a single selection to fall below 2/5. In most cases, at least in the major leagues, the odds will range from ½ to 6/4.
  • Selections can be selected for football accumulators too.

Punters using the BTTS market can capitalise on fair prices with small house edges while also knowing that their bet could win early or be won with the very last kick of the game.

When added to the simplicity of this bet selection, it’s no wonder it has become so popular for casual punters and seasoned professionals alike.

Which Bookies Provide The BTTS Market?

The BTTS market is one of the most popular across all football leagues. As such, it’s unsurprising to learn that almost all bookmakers price up this market on the big matches across the UK and beyond.

In truth, the vast majority offer it on many more minor matches too. Here are some places you can expect to get your BTTS bets accepted.

Marathon Bet
Paddy Power
Sun Bets
William Hill

In addition to the bookmakers, you can get single BTTS bets matched on the exchanges. With odds likely to fluctuate slightly, you should set up several accounts to ensure you get the best value.

How do I find the BTTS Market?

If you know the game you wish to bet on, you can often search for it in the search bar on the chosen site.

Alternatively, navigate the site following this process:

  • Football → desired league/tournament → the chosen match

The market will be shown under the list of main markets and should rank quite high on the page.

Another option is to bring up the coupon, which will show a list of matches where you can quickly add your selections to the bet slip before confirming the bets.

Locating this will vary slightly depending on the bookmaker. Still, it should feature quite clearly due to the popularity of the market.

Types of Both Teams To Score Bets

Most punters will find that they stick to the standard BTTS coupon in which you simply need the two teams to score at some stage during the 90 minutes. However, there are a few alternative markets to consider.

BTTS in the First Half

The same principles as the standard BTTS, but both teams must score in the first 45 minutes.

BTTS in the Second Half

Backing both teams to score after half-time. The first-half score is irrelevant. If it’s 1-0 at half-time, it needs to end at least 2-1 for the bet to win.

BTTS to Score in Both Halves

Both teams need to score in both halves. For example, a 1-1 half-time result followed by a 3-2 full-time result would win.

Each of these options carries better odds than the full match BTTS market but are naturally riskier selections too.

Generally speaking, the first-half odds will be better than the second. At the same time, the BTTS in both halves’ is the biggest payout by far. It’s not uncommon for that option to top 20/1.

Can I bet on BTTS In-Play?

With betting now accessible via smartphone apps and mobile and web browsers, the days of placing selections on a Saturday morning before hoping for the best are long gone.

Nowadays, betting on different football markets is available on a 24/7 basis, and the ability to bet on the action during play has become a significant part of that. The BTTS market is one of those that regularly features on in-play football betting markets.

In-play betting on the BTTS market isn’t always available on minor league matches. However, it is something that can often be found on English games and other popular leagues.

Of course, the market will be closed if the game is already 1-1 (or another applicable scoreline). Still, those wishing to use the Both Teams To Score market can do it once the game has started.

There are many reasons for wanting to wait for in-play opportunities. Firstly, it often takes games a little time to get going, with goals statistically most likely to occur during the final 15 minutes of either half.

Secondly, see how the two managers set up their teams before confirming a stake.

If the game remains 0-0, the odds will slowly creep up too. Time it well for maximised returns.

Strategies for Successful Both Teams To Score Betting

The BTTS market is one of the easiest to understand and follow. However, that doesn’t mean pursuing profit becomes a simple task. Learning when and how to use the Both Teams To Score coupon to your advantage is essential.

BTTS Betting Strategy #1: Follow The Stats

Many factors influence who will win a football match, while draws can negatively impact your results. With regard to goals, a little research goes a long way. Therefore, studying the form is essential.

Some teams naturally score more goals than others, but it’s also worth noting that some fixtures tend to produce goals. This can often be the case when rivals face each other as there is an impetus from the first kick.

On a similar note, some teams score or concede at different rates depending on whether they play at home or away.

Recent runs and sequences often show momentum, which can also aid the bet selection process. After all, those patterns form for a reason.

BTTS Betting Strategy #2: In-Play Bets

In-play betting is prevalent for BTTS punters because it’s a great way to seek added value. Many matches start slowly as teams try to work each other out. While waiting for the action to get going may sometimes backfire due to an early goal, it is commonly used to seek value.

You can still bet on a BTTS winner when only one team has scored. The pre-game favourite may have conceded a shock goal, or the favourites are 5-0 up and no longer trying. Either way, this can open up new in-play Both Teams To Score opportunities.

Timing is everything when placing in-play BTTS bets. Get it right, and you’ll surely see very positive returns.

BTTS Betting Strategy #3: Accumulators

Given that BTTS selections tend to carry pretty decent prices, it doesn’t take many additions to gain handsome returns. Even four selections at 4/6 offer odds of 7.72. For eight teams to score a goal in 90 minutes, that’s very fair, indeed.

You’ll still want to conduct the same research for single selections when making an accumulator. However, knowing that you can limit your potential exposure and potentially increase your winnings by placing an accumulator rather than singles is worth noting.

The option to place a Yankee and similar bets can make a telling impact too.

Statistics for Both Teams To Score Betting

While statistical analysis of recent results will point you in the right direction, a few additional pointers can give you even greater confidence.

These include:

  1. The stronger team is playing away and will still look to score, while the home fans won’t allow the underdogs to sit back like they would on the road.
  2. Two teams are rivals or have previously shared animosity, which could encourage a fast-paced affair.
  3. Defensive players are missing through suspension or injury.
  4. Attacking players are in good scoring form.
  5. The better team has another big game coming up, which could provide a distraction.

There are many other variables, but thinking about those elements in a practical fashion should increase your hopes of sustained success.

Final Thoughts on the BTTS Market

The BTTS market can unlock fantastic returns and is a great way to keep the excitement going for the full 90 minutes.

Likewise, it’s often possible to win your bets long before the final whistle, which is another good factor. Even when one of the selected teams doesn’t play well, it only takes one attack to do their part for the bet.

However, you should remember that the selections for cup games do not include extra time. At the same time, some teams are happy to take a defensive approach, particularly against stronger opposition.

As long as you remember those factors and the other pointers, you should pick more winners than losers.

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