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Following on from our darts betting guide, you should now be equipped with an understanding of the sport and the various markets available to punters. That’s great, but the real challenge comes from translating that knowledge into profit.

Undoubtedly, you could win some money by placing random selections in an erratic fashion. However, building a solid darts betting strategy is vital if you truly want to become a better bettor.

Follow the tips in this guide, and you’ll be landing steady ROIs time and time again.

How do you Win Betting on Darts?

Every punter wants to start winning money right away, especially when betting on a sport like darts which can provide great returns throughout almost every part of the year.

Before jumping in at the deep end, though, there are a number of final preparations that must be taken to maximise the success of your bets and the payouts received.

Do Your Research

As with most betting activities, gut instincts will play a role in the selection process. Nonetheless, with so much information readily available on the sport, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of it.

The official PDC website is full of all the latest news. From monitoring which players are performing well at small tournaments to reading features on head-to-head matches, there is a plethora of valuable data here. If you have a membership, you can watch the live streams of the events. The PDC site is the best way to hone your darts betting strategy and get the perfect start.

Live Scores

You will also find live scores on the PDC website that show all the day’s games and vital statistics. All the info is there, from three-dart averages to 180s, the highest checkouts, and checkout percentages. It also shows the recent form while you can navigate the days to look at upcoming or recent matches.

Player Data

A comprehensive display of all the data you may need for your pre-match research. Check a player’s personal career or seasonal stats and the head-to-head results against the opponent to make calculated decisions.

The list of head-to-head scores is particularly useful as you can see which tournaments and formats each encounter was played at.

There are plenty of alternative resources on the market. Still, the PDC website should work wonders as you look to back up your gut instincts with statistical research.

Get The Best Odds for your Darts Betting Strategy

While picking more winners than losers will establish the platform needed to achieve steady profits, gaining the best possible payouts is an equally crucial element. Finding value isn’t easy, but gaining the maximum return instantly puts the odds back in your favour.

Here are three simple tricks to ensure you get the best odds time and time again.

  • Once you’ve selected your bet, use Oddschecker or a similar portal to check the odds offered by each major bookmaker.
  • Make sure that you are aware of any promotions or bonuses that may be offered on the various markets.
  • Look at different markets that cover the same outcomes to find the best odds. For example, MVG to win 6-0 might be 21/10, while the match to have six legs may be 11/5.

When combined with smart selections, you’ll be sure to see tidy profits.

Betting Strategies to Win Big on Darts

You’ve discovered how to find the value and maximise the potential payouts. This counts for very little if this isn’t supported by a winning darts betting strategy. Let’s take a look at four methods that can be used to gain steady returns over the season.

Strategy #1: Back MVG

In addition to betting on individual matches, you can usually bet on the winner of an entire tournament. The world’s number one is the man to back.

MVG might start most major tournaments just under Evens (although sometimes it’s a little higher, such as at the World Championship), but this still signals statistical value.

Will backing him at around 4/5 to 11/10 turn you into a millionaire? No. But it should boost your bankroll throughout the season.

Strategy #2: Target The ‘Most 180s’ Market

While the elite players tend to stay calm under pressure and hit the doubles, many outsiders struggle with big-game tournaments. But that doesn’t stop them from getting big scores, which is why the 180s lines often follow the pattern you’d expect.

Given that you can quickly discover which players are best at hitting the maximums, finding value on the betting coupon isn’t overly complicated.

Someone like Jonny Clayton, for example, hits 180s all day long but regularly misses the doubles. Even when he loses unexpectedly to a rank outsider, he’ll likely come good on this market.

Conversely, some players (Phil Taylor was known for it) love switching to treble 19 for a 177, meaning you can bet on their opponent confidently.

The player 180s market can be helpful, too, especially if you’re backing Unders. However, if you back a player to get over a certain amount and the game is one-sided, it can be a risky option. We’d usually prefer to take the ‘player with the most 180s’ market instead.

Strategy #3: Hit The Highest Checkout Market

At a glance, the highest checkout market is a lottery. After all, every player can take out a 170 or another high checkout.

However, suppose Michael Smith beats Peter Wright 11-5 in a best of 21. In that case, it’s suddenly an 11 out of 16 chance that Michael Smith will win this market.

When added to the fact that Smith is likely to hit a big checkout in any given leg, not least when the pressure of losing gets to Wright, it becomes clear that this is anything but a lottery.

For a lot of lesser tour players, facing a Smith or an MVG feels like Mission Impossible. The fact that they are beaten before the match has even started only further enhances the favourite’s chance of getting the big checkout.

Again, statistical analysis of the form can be used to significant effect, not least when the match is between two evenly matched stars. Of course, the threat of a 170 or 167 for the opponent does inject a sense of risk. Over an extended period, though, logical selections on this market will come good.

Strategy #4: In-Play Betting

The best way to seek value from betting on darts is to hit the in-play markets. Virtually all televised games are offered by major betting companies.

At the same time, the fast-paced nature of darts means that the odds can be volatile at times. With a bit of practice, it’s possible to make this your greatest weapon.

If you back a player to win halfway through a leg where they break their opponent, the odds could shorten drastically just 30 seconds after you confirmed your bet. This allows you to ride your bet for a healthy return or cash out for guaranteed profit.

By watching the action unfold live, you can often spot when a player is turning it on too.

This is an excellent option for short race to six matches as well as longer format contests. As long as you stay receptive at all times, sustained profits are likely.

Darts Betting Strategies for Top Tournaments

All of these strategies can be used on tournaments throughout the darts calendar. However, betting on the World Championships can be an entirely different assignment altogether.

Want to find out how you can take your profits to an even greater summit courtesy of the biggest tournaments in the PDC calendars?

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