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The frantic world of WWE sports entertainment is one that you’ll either love or hate. But even if you’re not a supporter of the planet’s biggest wrestling promotion, you should be a fan of the betting on WWE wrestling possibilities.

While the fights might be fake (sorry if we’ve just broke the news to you), the money is very, very real. With the right formula for success, it can become your secret weapon in the continued pursuit of profit. Here’s everything you need to know about betting on the rough and tumble of WWE.

Why Bet On WWE?

If someone gave you the opportunity to bet on a football match or horse race after the result was known, you’d surely bite their hand off. Well, betting on WWE is the net best thing. The outcome of the matches is dictated by the scriptwriters before the superstars even make their entrance. So, if you can predict what the writing team is thinking, you are guaranteed a winner.

The fact that the right selections will generate a 100% win ratio is the most appealing aspect by far, but there are many other reasons to start betting on WWE. Here are five of the best.

Watching WWE events becomes far more enjoyable for wrestling fans when they are actively winning money.

You can only bet on the PPV events, making it easy to analyse the markets without being overwhelmed.

It’s a great way to turn your knowledge of predictable storylines and outcomes into profit, especially with the right research to back it up.

The bookies often limit the maximum stakes as well as the possible betting markets (for example, accumulators are often unavailable). This means limited exposure.

Bookmakers will set bad lines from time to time, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to seek the type of value that won’t be found on traditional sports events.

Ultimately, betting on WWE is fun, profitable, and doesn’t require a great deal of commitment. Whether you’re a causal punter looking to turn your love of wrestling into profit or a professional punter looking for a surefire way to boost your bankroll, this is a very attractive prospect indeed.

Where To Bet On WWE

Betting on WWE is still a relatively new concept that has only existed since the popularity explosion of online and mobile betting. Unsurprisingly, not all bookmakers price up the markets on the matches. However, a number of bookmakers do, especially the ones with an informal brand image.

The three main bookmakers to look out for are;

  • Betway
  • Paddy Power
  • Sky Bet

A plethora of bookmakers may price up the very biggest events (WrestleMania and Royal Rumble). However, the three above are the best places to find odds on the monthly PPV offerings. While betting on the weekly shows of Raw and Smackdown are virtually non-existent, there are roughly 12-16 PPV events per year, so there’s still ample opportunity to win big over the course of the year.

Winning Big From Betting on WWE – It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

WWE betting is one that promises the potential for huge returns. However, this is only possible when you follow the right steps. Otherwise, you could lead yourself to some very frustrating outcomes. After all, there’s nothing worse than losing on a 1/5 selection that was pre-determined to lose before you even placed the selection.

Focus on the three main factors below, however, and you’ll be sure to wrestle money away from the bookies on a regular basis.


Studying the form is crucial for betting on any event. However, this research carries an even greater impact when betting on WWE as it will help you predict the outcome of those scripted events on any given PPV.

There are several issues that could impact the outcome of a match, here are some questions to consider;

Are any of the superstars performing in front of their hometown? Home favourites often win as long as it doesn’t destroy the flow of a developing storyline.

Is one superstar getting the other athlete over so that he or she can move onto a new fued? If so, it may point you towards a clear favourite.

Has it already been announced that a superstar is to take a break from WWE to focus on other endeavours, such as filming a Hollywood film? If so, they’re not going to win the belt.

There are many ways to research what’s happening in the world of WWE, and many news sites are dedicated to those developments and will include predictions for upcoming events. In fact, even the site is now pretty transparent about the fact it is all kayfabe.

The big issue to look out for, however, is when a new superstar joins the roster at a big event. After eventually signing for WWE, Ronda Rousey was never going to lose her debut at WrestleMania 34. While she and Kurt Angle were priced 2/13 to prevail over Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, this was virtually free money.

Let your hear rule your heart, and you should have no problem picking the right selections.


Given the lack of markets on offer, you may not think that there’s a need to employ a strategy. Surely, backing the right picks is enough to secure sustained success over the bookies right? Well, not quite.

It’s still imperative that you seek value from your selections, there are two main ways to establish this.

Backing superstars that simply will not lose. Even if it’s 1/10, that 10% profit is a perfectly fine investment for a 100% sure thing.
Bet the slight underdogs. There will always be a few minor upsets in a PPV as this keeps the storyline going strong. If you expect a fued to continue, this could be a match to target.

When betting on the matches that are closer to call, it’s vital that you manage your bets well too. If placing two bets on any given PPV, set your stakes so that you’ll turn a profit even if only one wins. For example:

Back Selection A in match 1 at Evens for £20
Back Selection B in match 4 at 9/5 for £15

If selection A wins, you’ll have returned £40 from £35 stakes for £5 profit.
If selection B wins, you’ll have returned £42 from £35 stakes for £7 profit.
If both win, you’ll have returned £82 from £35 stakes for £47 profit.

On a separate note, it’s important to have several accounts open as the odds may fluctuate from one site to the next depending on how the traders see events unfolding. It’s not uncommon for different firms to establish contrasting favourites in matches like triple-threat events where more than two superstars are competing.

In some cases, it may even be possible to back all realistic winners on different sites for an almost guaranteed profit.


As with non-scripted bets on traditional sports, a little luck never goes a miss. Let’s just hope that the scriptwriters don’t have a Brock Lesnar v Undertaker shock up their sleeves!

The Bottom Line

WWE betting is unlikely to make you a millionaire anytime soon due to the bet limits and wagering restrictions. Nonetheless, it can be a great way to boost your bankroll each month whether you enjoy watching the events or not.

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