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The English Premier League is undoubtedly the most entertaining league on the planet. It is one watched by millions of football fans across the globe every single week. However we feel Asian Handicap betting on the Premier League hasn’t been fully exploited. We will change that by the end of this article.

While the fast-paced action and incredible skill is enough to keep any supporter satisfied, nothing cranks up the excitement quite like winning money in the process.

Whether you’re watching from the stands, in the pub, or on the sofa doesn’t matter; Premier League Asian handicap betting is your ‘goal-den’ ticket to increased winning and maximum fun!

For a deeper understanding of Asian handicap types of betting, be sure to check out our article on Asian Handicap Betting.

Now, here’s everything you need to know about utilising one of the most fascinating markets on the world’s most fascinating league.

Handicap Betting on Premier League Matches

Punters collectively bet billions of pounds on sports betting markets annually, and it is estimated that around 70% of all activity relates to football. The Premier League tops the popularity list by a considerable distance, and is loved by casual punters and professional gamblers alike.

You shouldn’t bet on Premier League football simply because it’s the done thing. Every punter has a goal of becoming a better bettor to maximise their winnings and long-term returns on investments (ROIs).

Handicap betting on the Premier League is an attractive prospect for several reasons. The list includes

  • Virtually all bookmakers offer markets on every match, meaning you have the opportunity to compare odds to gain the very best prices
  • It’s very easy to keep up to date with the latest injuries, suspensions, signings, etc
  • There are several websites dedicated to providing the historical head-to-head data between two teams, as well as recent form regarding goals scored, conceded, possession, and corners
  • Many of the games can be watched live, meaning you can make decisions based on what’s happening
  • Even non-football fans can easily access advice from professional tipsters

So, it’s not hard to see why so many people bet on the Premier League even when they rarely bet on other sporting events. Still, if you’re going to increase the excitement by backing your predictions, it’s vital that you gain the very best shot at success. For many, the Asian lines offer an ideal solution.

A Brief Introduction to AH Betting on the Premier League

Perhaps the easiest way to understand AH betting is to think of it as a combination of the standard handicap (otherwise known as European handicap) lines and the ‘draw no bet’ market.

As with European handicaps, the Asian line will see the perceived favourite hit with a handicap, such as minus one goal, meaning that they’d have to win by two clear goals for the bet to win.

However, if the scores end up level after the handicap has been taken into account, you will receive a refund much like you would on the draw no bet market.

Example of a single Asian handicap line:

Manchester Untied are playing Arsenal with a -1 AH line, and you’ve back them to cover the line.. Subsequently, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Manchester United win the game by 2 or more goals: your bet wins.
  • Manchester United win the game by one goal only: your stake is refunded.
  • Arsenal win or draw the game: bets are lost.

Alternatively, if you bet Arsenal on the opposite line (+1 AH), the
following scenarios are possible:

  • Arsenal avoid defeat: your bet wins.
  • Arsenal lose the game by just one goal: your stake is refunded.
  • If Arsenal lose the game by two or more goals: your bet loses.

Alternative Asian Lines

In addition to the basic plus/minus one goal or two goals, you may find that a line for a Premier League match is set to -0.5. -1.5, or -2.5 goals. In these cases, there is no chance of a refund so you’ll either win or lose.

The odds on this market will often differ from those offered on the European handicap line. It’s always worth checking both option.

Another option regularly seen on for Premier League handicap betting is -0.25 or -0.75. This makes things a little more complicated as the bet is essentially split into two parts. For a -0.25, for example, your bet consists of;

  • 50% stake on -0 AH line.
  • 50% stake on -0.5 AH line.

The -0.25 selection may be displayed as “-0/-0.5” depending on the bookmaker. It can feel a little confusing when starting out. Once you get the hang of it, however, it’s fairly easy to understand.

Example of a split Asian handicap line:

Manchester City play Chelsea with a handicap line set at -0.25. If you back Manchester City, you are essentially taking them on both the -0 and -0.5 lines. The following scenarios are possible:

  • Manchester City win the game. Both the -0 and -0.5 parts of the selection win, meaning your entire bet wins.
  • Manchester City lose the game. Both the -0 and -0.5 parts of the selection lose, meaning your entire bet loses.
  • The game ends in a draw. The -0.5 selection has lost, but the -0 has ended in a refund. So, you will receive half of your stake back while the other half has been lost.

Alternatively, if the line is set to -0.75, you are backing Manchester City on the -0.5 and -1 lines. The following scenarios are possible:

  • Chelsea avoid defeat. Both the -0.5 and the -.1 have lost, meaning your entire stake is lost.
  • Manchester City win by one goal. The -0.5 line has won while the -1 has drawn. You will gain a half win, half refund.
  • Manchester City win by two or more goals. Both the -0.5 and -1 selections have won. You will be paid out as a full winner.

In-Play Premier League Asian Handicap Betting

Most online bookmakers offer handicap betting for Premier League matches in-play, so those that offer Asian lines will allow you to place bets on this market while the action unfolds. Naturally, this can be very useful if you wish to see how the game develops before risking your money.

If you are planning to utilise this option, though, you should know that betting in-play Asian handicaps lines take place from the current scoreline rather than from 0-0.


  • Liverpool are 1-0 up against West Ham United and the AH line is set to -1. If you back Liverpool, the following scenarios are possible:
  • Liverpool fail to extend their lead or West Ham rescue a draw/win. The bet has lost.
  • Liverpool win by two goals. They have matched the -1 AH line from the point of when you placed your bet. Therefore, the stake is refunded.
  • Liverpool win by three or more goals. They have beaten the -1 AH line from the point of when you placed your bet. The bet has won.

The same ideas ring true for backing West Ham on the plus market. Likewise, a Premier League team may be on a -0.25, -0.5, etc. Always remember that the selection counts from the point of placing the bet and you won’t go far wrong.

It’s not just Full-Time Results

Aside from betting on the full-time result, either pre-game or in-play, you may find Asian handicap betting offered on a variety of other markets. Here are some of the markets that are often open on Premier League matches.

First-half Asian handicap: Follows the same rules as standard AH lines, only the bet is settled at half-time.

Goal line: Instead of betting on a team to win by a set amount of goals, you are betting on the number of goals. This is pretty much an Asian handicap alternative for the “total match goals” market. If set to 2.0 for example, a 2-0 result would bring a refund.

First-half goal line: Follows the same rules as the full match goal line market, but with results being settled based upon the half-time scoreline.

Asian handicap cards: Betting on one team to pick up more cards than the opposition. So, if Everton are on a -1.0 against Newcastle United, and they get one more than the opponents, the bet is refunded. If they get at least two more bookings than NUFC, the bet wins.

Asian total corners: An AH alternative for the total corners in a game. If the line is set to 10.0 and the game produces exactly 10, a refund is issued. First-half lines may be available too.

Asian handicap corners: Follows the same idea as the match result handicap, but covers the team’s respective corner counts. So, if Tottenham Hotspur are on a -3 line against Burnley, the bet would win if Spurs get at least four more corners than the Clarets.

As you can see, there’s a lot of versatility offered by the market. When starting out, however, it’s probably best to stick to the standard AH line.

Why use the Asian Handicap Lines?

In the 2016-17 Premier League season, 84 (22.1%) of 380 matches played ended in draws. So, if you backed teams to win, an average of just under one in four of those bets would lost due to a draw.

When combined with the matches lost and the odds offered, it’s not difficult to see how the bookies win more than they lose on the match result outcomes.

While you won’t necessarily want to back the -0 AH line due to the lower odds, turning a three-outcome event into a two-outcome event clearly has many benefits when betting on the EPL.

Another factor to consider is the huge gulf in quality between the top sides and the rest. While it’s common knowledge that anyone can beat anyone on their day, the statistics are very interesting.

In 2017-18, Manchester City’s first 15 home matches produced 14 wins and 1 draw. Backing Pep Guardiola’s men each game would have resulted in some profit but, with odds as short as 1/6, they would be limited.

Interestingly, though, 11 of those 14 wins were won by a margin of at least two goals. Backing them on the -1 or even -1.5 AH would have been far more profitable.

On a similar note, Liverpool’s opening 17 league games at Anfield brought 11 wins, eight being won by at least two clear goals. Conversely, some of the weaker teams in the league rarely lose by more than one goal, which makes them very attractive for the + Asian lines.

Whether it’s giving yourself a safety net on the + lines, or seeking bigger returns on the – lines doesn’t matter. Utilising Premier League Asian handicap betting to its full potential can make a significance to a punter’s seasonal returns.

There will be some disappointments along the way, where you’d have been better off sticking to the match result coupon. Nonetheless, those long-term improvements make it all worthwhile.

Popular Strategies for Premier League Asian Handicap Bettors

Understanding the appeal of Asian handicap betting on the EPL is one thing, but ensuring that it translates to profit is another altogether. Find a suitable strategy that can be implemented alongside a good staking plan and bankroll management. It is crucial for sustained success.

Here are just three ideas that can help you discover the pathway to profit.

Using the -0.75 line:

When backing favourites in the Premier League, a straight win will often odds of ½ or lower. However, taking the -0.75 will boost those odds significantly.

If the chosen team wins by two goals, you’ll have picked up a far better winner than taking them on the straight win. If they win by one goal, you’ll still gain a half win for some profit.

For the best teams, it may be better to look at the -1 or -1.25 lines with similar sentiments in mind for increased seasonal winnings.

In-play + lines for losing underdogs:

While the big scorers like Manchester City and Liverpool may often win by several goals, most Premier League teams are happy to shut up shop once winning by a two-goal margin. So, if a mid-table side is winning 2-0 and still on a – AH, it may be worth backing the losing team on the + line.

Assuming the winning side revert to a more conservative approach, the match may well peter out to a 2-0 or even a 2-1 outcome.

Short odds accumulators:

Most punters think they can predict the outcome of several Premier League matches on any given weekend. Unfortunately, there’s always one team that will unexpectedly draw at home. Building an accumulator of teams on the 0 AH will lower the odds, but you’ll gain a profit even if one or two teams draw.

Alternatively, you could try using the -1 AH line to gain bigger returns with fewer selections while still having a safety net that wouldn’t be there on the European handicap lines.

There’s no one right or wrong way of tackling the Premier League Asian handicap lines. Ultimately, the method that brings you profit is the one that you should stick with.

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