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Asian handicap betting is an increasingly popular option for casual punters and professional gamblers alike. Mastering this field will undoubtedly help you become a far better bettor.

But whether you’re new to the world of Asian handicap betting or boast vast experience with this market, finding the right Asian handicap bookmaker to make those bets is an essential step en route to making the most of your sports betting activities. This guide should clear up any confusion, leaving you to focus on winning big!

Why don’t all Bookmakers offer Asian Handicap Lines?

While far from being an obscure market, the Asian handicap lines can still be considered a niche market. Unsurprisingly, then, you won’t find the market priced up by all bookmakers – even if the growing popularity has forced many of the big firms to start offering it as a part of their service.

Pricing up the Asian handicap line can be a little complicated for the traders while the mathematics of removing the potential of a draw reduces the bookie’s edge. While this is great news for punters, it can discourage smaller firms from offering this type of market.

There may be other reasons for a bookie not to offer Asian handicap betting, such as their software only being able to offer a limited number of markets per event. Likewise, some may be in the process of creating those opportunities.

Paddy Power Asian Handicap Bookmaker
Paddy Power, one of many Asian handicap bookmakers

Which Bookies Offer Asian Handicap Lines?

Despite the fact that not every bookmaker offers Asian handicap betting either online or in store, the number that do is far greater than it was even two or three years ago. Major bookies realise that Asian Handicap is a highly sought after market for modern sports punters.

Here are some of the most popular bookies that offer Asian handicap lines on major sporting events;

  • Bet365
  • Ladbrokes
  • Paddy Power
  • Sky Bet
  • Unibet
  • William Hill
  • 888sport

As the selection shows, there is a wide selection of bookies to choose from when looking to place bets on the Asian handicap line. However, they aren’t all the same, which is why you must do a little research rather than choosing via pot luck.

Bookmaker Issues To Consider

No two bookmakers are identical, especially with regards to the Asian handicap lines. Some bookies offer a far more restrictive service than others. In fact, some of the 12 mentioned above won’t offer this market on live events. Others won’t offer it on football at all, instead focusing on obscure sports to provide a line that is similar to the spreads seen in basketball.

Bookies can set their lines and their prices in varying manners. One bookmaker may offer +2, +1.5, +1, +0.5, +0, -0.5, -1, -1.5 and -2 options while another only offers +1 on the same event. Similarly, the house edge can fluctuate from one firm to another.

Another aspect to consider is whether a bookie offers the half refund option. Having the option of a +1.25 in addition to the +1 and +1.5, for example, can put you in even greater control. In addition to flexibility, you should understand Asian handicap betting and the methods you’ll be looking to utilise for maximised returns.

Only then will you be able to determine whether the bookmaker is suitable or not.

Which Asian Handicap Bookmaker is best for you?

As the above variances demonstrate, finding the best bookmaker for your needs is vital. Ask yourself these five questions for guidance, and you won’t go far wrong.

Does the bookmaker offer Asian handicap on my chosen sport?

Some bookies will offer Asian handicaps on sports like handball but won’t offer it on football due to the fact that draws are a fairly common occurrence. Checking your chosen bookmaker to confirm that they do offer those markets on your favourite sport is key.

Are Asian handicap selections restricted to either pre-game or in-play?

Your preference over in-play, pre-game, or a selection of both can have a huge impact on your decision. For example, choosing a bookmaker that won’t let you use this market during games can feel very restrictive if you like to wait for the first goal to be scored.

Will the bookmaker offer Asian handicap betting on my chosen leagues?

In addition to knowing that the chosen bookie will allow you to place Asian handicap betting on your favourite sport, you need to know that you’ll be able to get bets placed on your league. Many focus on the main leagues, so do try to keep this in mind.

Does the bookmaker allow for multiple Asian Handicap selection on this market?

When utilising the Asian handicap lines, you need to leave as many options open as possible. Some bookies do not allow accumulators to be made using Asian handicap selections. This won’t bother everyone, but is another important factor to consider.

Maximum bet limits?

It’s not uncommon for bookies to set lower limits on Asian handicap than they do on match result outcomes. If you are a high stakes punter, choosing a bookmaker that only allows a small bet on Asian handicap lines probably won’t do.

How To Give Yourself A Head Start On The Bookies

Whether betting on Asian handicap lines or any other market, the main aim is to beat the bookie. While many punters find that using both pre-game and in-play Asian handicap is a great way to increase their ROIs, you should look to grab every other opportunity at your disposal too.

This is a crucial factor at all stages of your betting journey, but is particularly vital in the early phases as you look to gain the momentum that comes with seeing your bankroll increase. Work the odds in your favour before even placing your first bet simply by taking advantage of the various sign-up promotions being offered to new customers.

Bookmakers are actively fighting for your custom, which is why they offer attractive sign up bonuses to new players.

Signing up to several Asian handicap bookmakers doesn’t only allow you to fully capitalise on those free bets. It additionally gives you a selection of bookmakers to choose from when placing bets. This gives you a chance to look around for the very best odds. Even if it’s a 5% increase on your returns, this will make a telling difference to your long-term profits.

Final Word

Any punter hoping to make money from the Asian handicap markets will need to find the right bookmaker(s). Given that there is a huge discrepancy in the product offered from one to the next, careful consideration is essential.

When a bookmaker offers the markets and flexibility that you crave, your hopes of taking advantage of the Asian handicap becomes greater. If you can gain a sign up offer to acquire some free bets in the process, this is a bonus!

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