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Betting Exchange
1. Betting Exchange – An Introduction
2. Betting Exchange Trading – How To Guarantee Profits
3. Betting Exchange vs Bookmakers – The Differences
4. Lay Betting – How To Profit On The Betting Exchange
5. Premier League Exchange Betting

The betting exchange trading arena has seen an exponential growth in popularity over the past decade or so. There are a whole host of reasons why punters like you are signing up to exchange accounts to complement – or even replace – their sportsbook accounts. However, the opportunity to guarantee profits from trading on the exchange is easily the greatest selling point for anyone who is serious about making money from this environment.

So, if you’d like to take the gamble out of betting, this is the way to go. And here’s all you need to know.

Before You Start

The promise of guaranteed profits is enough to prick the ears of everyone, betting fan or otherwise. However there’s no such thing in this world as a free ticket to riches. If you’re expecting an easy ride from the world of betting exchange trading, you might wish to look at the big cross at the top of your browser.

If, however, you’re prepared to develop the skills and discipline needed to trade sporting outcomes for guaranteed profits, this could transform your approach to betting forever. Still interested? Let’s carry on…

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

An inexperienced or ill-disciplined punter may want to chase the big 10-fold accumulator in hopes of turning £5 into £20k, and there’s nothing wrong with casual punters taking that route. In fact, many professionals will still place a small stake on the weekend’s action for fun with the knowledge that there’s always a chance of taking their bankroll to the next level.

Generally speaking, though, this method will backfire. The pursuit of profit as a punter needs to be a marathon rather than a sprint. As with other forms of financial investment, a gradual upward curve will often produce far better outcomes than a volatile curve that shoots up and down.

Aside from the financial benefits, the slow and steady approach encourages a calmer mindset, which is probably the greatest weapon in your arsenal. This is true for all punters, including sports bettors as well as those using the exchange betting fans.

Think about it this way: would you rather be guaranteed a 10% ROI or have a shot at 40% knowing that there’s a good chance that you’ll lose everything?


What Does Guaranteed Profit Look Like

Guaranteeing profit from sports events doesn’t have to mean making £100 from every event. In fact, you’ll often find that the profits are minimal. Nonetheless, if your bankroll is moving in the right direction, you can have very few complaints.

To secure guaranteed profits, you essentially want to put yourself in a position where you are 100% certain to make money from the event. Even before the outcome has been finalised. So, if betting on a Premier League match, your situation may look like any of the following;

− Arsenal V Manchester United: a guaranteed £2 profit if Arsenal win, £4 if Manchester United win, £1.10 if a draw.
− Tottenham playing: a guaranteed £1 profit if Harry Kane scores the first goal, or £3 profit if he doesn’t.
− Liverpool V Manchester City: £0.40 profit if BTTS comes in, £0.85 if BTTS doesn’t come in.

The concept of guaranteeing profit can materialise on any market where all potential outcomes can be covered. If you are a semi-experienced punter, you may have already encountered this idea under the name of Arbitrage Betting, otherwise known as Arbing, surebets, and miraclebets.

But Isn’t Arbing Bad?

You may have heard that arbitrage betting is illegal; we can categorical dispel that myth. When using arbs, you’re simply taking advantage of market prices as any trader on any other commodity would. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you won’t come under fire from at least one direction.

Given that bookies are in the business of making money, they unsurprisingly don’t like anyone that gains an edge. So, if you’ve backed Manchester City to beat Liverpool at 11/10 but also backed Liverpool on a +0.5 Asian handicap for odds of 2.05, the sportsbook traders won’t be happy. Done regularly, accounts will suddenly find themselves being limited. Is it fair? Probably not considering how much the bookies still make from other punters. Sadly, that’s the game.

Thankfully, exchange companies don’t make their money this way, so they don’t care as long as they make their commissions. One of many benefits gained from switching to betting exchange trading. Or at least adding it to your portfolio of accounts. Basically, if you want to stop gambling and start trading, using the exchange will play a central focus. But you’ll still need to devise a winning strategy!

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Great Methods For Guaranteeing Profits Through Betting Exchange Trading

As with other betting strategies, traders need to find a solution that works for them. However, it’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need a staking plan. After all, if there’s no risk of losing money, it doesn’t matter how much you put on as long as you have the bankroll to cover all possible outcomes. Conversely, though, if a lot of capital is to be tied up in one event, you don’t want it to be one that takes months to settle. Keeping your capital active is essential if you want this concept to work.

Still, the most important aspect is to know how to make money from specific events. Here’s how.

Combine Sportsbook & Betting Exchange Trading

The easiest way to generate guaranteed profits through arbs is to back something on the sportsbook and then lay it on the exchange. As with the standard bookmakers, prices do fluctuate from one platform to the next. Thanks to the exchange, this can be used to your advantage.

Goalscorer bets are a particularly good option. For example, Lionel Messi might be 3/1 to score first at the best priced bookmaker while he can be layed at 2.2 on Betfair.

Back Messi for £100 on the sportsbook for a £100 outlay and potential profit of £300.
Lay Messi at 2.12 (backer’s odds) for £150 on the exchange for a £218 liability and chance to win £150.

If Messi doesn’t score the first goal, you’ve lost the £100 bet on the sports book. However, you’ll have won £150 (minus commission) on the exchange. Conversely if he does score it, you’ll have lost £218 on the exchange but won £300 from the sportsbook. Depending on the outcome, you’ll have won either £50 or £82.

This can be used on other markets, but the goalscorer markets are the ones that often the biggest profits on the most frequent basis.

Beat The Momentum

Ever picked up some information before it became common knowledge, and knew the odds would change once that data became available? Whether it be an injury, a transfer, or a team’s travel problems doesn’t matter, those factors can be used to create great Arb opportunities.

Backing a team at 6/4 when their odds are due to drop to say 10/11 could open up the chance to lay them for around 1.95, which is the backer’s odds. So if the lay wins you’ll pick up a profit of just under 105% while the backed option would be 150%. While you will lose 100% on the losing bet, there will still be a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome.

Also, if the odds don’t need to be around the Evens mark and could be something like 1/4 against 6/1. As long as you set your stakes accordingly, you can generate an ‘all green’ spreadsheet.

This can be a potentially risky option especially if the odds don’t change as expected. However, the sportsbook is often ahead of the exchange. In the worst case scenario, you can always trade back out to break even or make a minimal loss.


Finally, you could look to gain an advantage by utilising automated computer systems. There are various programs that essentially crawl sportsbooks and betting exchanges in a similar way to odds comparison sites, only with the sole intention of finding opportunities for arbs.

Of course, these do cost while changing odds and other factors will mean that some of the returned opportunities won’t work. Still, this can be a great way to remove the man hours.

The Quick Six: Tips That Will Help You Win More

While building a winning strategy and knowing how to calculate potential is one thing, there are still several tips that will go a long way to boosting your returns from the field of trading on sporting events. Here are six of the best:

1. Remember that arbing opportunities are few and far between. If you look at enough games and markets, you will find opportunities every single day of the week. Still, you can’t force something that isn’t there. If you can’t find something, just move on.

2. Arbing opportunities aren’t limited to football. In fact, many of the most successful betting exchange traders utilise horse racing on a very frequent basis. Limiting yourself to football can be very stressful, not least because the guaranteed profit percentages are likely to be quite small due to the small number of outcomes on any given event.

3. Always take commission rates into account. Otherwise, small profits could quickly turn into minor losses. Similarly, if you can manipulate stakes to ensure that the most likely outcome is on the sportsbook, this can aid your cause due to the commissions.

4. Be prepared to back some events where there’s a possibility to break even too. For example, if Chelsea play Tottenham Hotspur, you could back Chelsea at 2.05 on the DNB market and Tottenham (2.3) on the +0 Asian handicap. While a draw would result in a refund, the fact that you could gain a profit if either team wins. As long as you can’t lose, it’s worthwhile.

5. Beware of palpable errors. If you’ve found an Arb where Arsenal are 8/1 to beat West Ham United at home, the bookies probably meant those odds to be fore the visitors. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You may still want to back it as a normal bet in hope of the bookmaker not realising their error, but do not trade on the strength of it.

6. Have a preferred exchange betting platform. More frequent bets secure a lower commission rate, which increase returns. Of course, you need to follow the best odds. Still, if the odds on an outcome are the same across all exchange betting platforms, stick with your most commonly used one.

Bonus Tip: Bet in one currency. Otherwise, exchange rates could ruin everything.


Guaranteeing profits through exchange-based arbs, whether exclusive to exchange books or combined with sportsbooks, can only be a good thing for disciplined and patient punters. It takes a lot of effort, there will be wasted moments along the way, and it’s certainly not for everyone. Ultimately, though, seeing your bankroll move only in one direction is sure to remove those stresses in the long haul.

Every punter’s dreams are green. If the exchange allows you to do it, you’d be a fool not to capitalise from betting exchange trading.

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