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Betting Exchange
1. Betting Exchange – An Introduction
2. Betting Exchange Trading – How To Guarantee Profits
3. Betting Exchange vs Bookmakers – The Differences
4. Lay Betting – How To Profit On The Betting Exchange
5. Premier League Exchange Betting

Whether you like it or not, selecting winners is only one ingredient in the recipe needed to profit from betting. Staking plans, loss limitation methods, and a mathematical understanding of those tactics are all key elements. Finding the right outlet to place your bets provides the perfect platform to formulate a winning plan of action, a betting exchange may be the perfect option for you!

While it shares many attributes with traditional sportsbooks, the betting exchange arena is one that opens plenty of new doors, putting you in even greater control of your betting activities. With greater authority at your disposal, those ROIs will look beefier than ever.

A Brief Look At Betting Exchange

Exchange betting is very similar to sportsbooks in the fact that you are betting on the outcome of a particular sporting event. However, instead of betting directly against the bookmaker, your wagers are against other punters, whom predict the opposite result to you.

The betting exchange itself is simply a marketplace that connects gamblers with each other and facilitates their ability to make wagers against each other. As the bookmaker isn’t directly involved with the stakes or payouts, it gives you a chance to bet from either side of the transaction.

The Backer: The person betting on an outcome to occur, placing a stake on the event at certain odds.
The Layer: The person betting against the odds, accepting the stake and responsible for paying out winning bets.

In this sense, you can think of exchange betting like other forms of trades. The backer is essentially the buyer while the layer is the seller; instead of trading stocks and currencies, though, trades are made on the outcomes of betting matches. The opportunities to make money from laying bets and backing bets are equal, it’s all down to your betting patterns.

Peer To Peer Betting

Like brokering services, the exchange provider makes their money through small commissions. The idea of betting against another person with contrasting opinions is as old as time. After all, we’ve all bet a friend that our team will be theirs when they play against each other. However, the idea of doing this in a professional and legitimate betting arena is naturally one that has only been made possible thanks to online betting.

After years of rapid growth, though, the exchange betting arena is now a fully fledged part of the industry. Millions of people have already discovered the benefits of using the exchange over sportsbooks. Frankly, now is the time for you to join the revolution.

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Remove The House Edge

We’ve all heard the old phrase that the bookies always win, and it’s true. The sports betting industry generates billions of pounds every single year, and continues to grow at a rapid rate both online and in high street bookmakers. While that doesn’t mean individual bettors are incapable of generating sustained profits, it underlines the fact that the house always wins overall. And that’s largely due to the house edge.

Essentially the advantage is gained by pricing. For example, if both options on a BTTS market are priced at 4/5, the bookmaker will win 1 unit for every 10 units bet on this market (assuming it is split down the middle).

Person A bets £5 on BTTS @ 4/5
Person B bets £5 on BBTS @ 4/5

Whatever happens, the bookmaker will pay out £9 after taking £10 in total.

Of course, not all markets will attract bets right down the middle, but the bookmaker traders price their markets accordingly while they’ll use their own trades too. So, even if you are winning, the fact that the odds are stacked against you before even making your first bet can be quite daunting, even if it is certainly possible for smart punters to make money on the sportsbook.

Given that the exchange works by taking a commission, the odds are back in your favour. That has to appeal to any punter, regardless of whether you wish to back or lay.

Essential Exchange Betting Terminology

Whether you’re a complete novice, an experienced sportsbook bettor looking to add exchange betting to their arsenal or making the switch to an exclusively exchange marketplace, it’s vital that you understand the basic rules of betting. In addition to those general principles, though, you need to understand these terms:

Commission: A small percentage of winnings taken by the betting company.
Matched: This indicates that another user or users has taken the bet.
Unmatched: Nobody has taken your bet, meaning you will not win or lose anything. This is very rare for Premier League exchange betting.
Partially Matched: Part of bet matched. Remainder waiting for a match.
Backer’s Stake: The amount of money you stand to win when laying a selection.
Liability: The money you stand to lose if they win.

Which Events & Markets Are Available?

The growth of the industry has encouraged quick developments regarding market availability. While Premier League exchange betting remains the most popular option, it is possible to back or lay outcomes in various other leagues, including minor ones. Moreover, there are several markets available, ranging from straight match results to correct scores and handicap lines.

Alternative routes include goalscorers and corner bets while both pre-game and in-play options are available. However, you must remember that you are betting against someone else rather than the bookie, so it may be difficult to get your bets on when looking at the lesser known markets.

If backing a big football event, though, you’ll be able to match bets with very large stakes (far larger than the upper limits imposed by most sportsbooks). This works wonders when you have a high stakes staking plan in place.

Bet Or Trade?

Using the exchange allows you to control your betting journey with far greater authority. Aside from having the opportunity to lay outcomes as well as back them, you also have the chance to utilise various techniques through standard betting or trading.

Popular Exchange Betting Techniques

There’s no one right or wrong way to bet, regardless of whether it’s on the sportsbook or the exchange marketplace. However, the latter does offer a wealth of options for fans of backing and laying.

Here are three that could open the door to sustained profits and steady ROIs.

1. Finding low-risk odds-on selections that are available on the exchange for far higher prices. Taking a 1.07 selection may not feel particularly worthwhile, but if it’s a 1.01 certainty on sportsbooks, this signals a 7% interest (minus commission) for virtually no risk.

2. Laying high odds selection that will never happen. You could offer someone odds of 201.0 on Millwall to win the cup, it’s never gonna happen. Just remember that this can include very high liabilities, so make sure you only lay bets that have no chance of materialising.

3. Laying a favourite using a staking plan like Fibonacci, until that team fails to win. It will happen sooner or later while the lack of upper stake limits stops you falling victim to this issue.

Popular Trading Techniques

Another option is to take betting out of the equation entirely. As already mentioned, picking winners is only one aspect of a winning strategy. Timing is a far more important aspect, and striking at the right times can open plenty of new opportunities where you “green up”. This is essentially where you will win money regardless of what happens during the event, much like the bookies.

Here are three great ways to potentially make it happen.

1. When noticing that odds on a selection are increasing/decreasing on the sportsbooks, exchanges are often slow to catch up. Betting before that movement occurs will then allow you to guarantee profits by covering the opposite choice once the market reflect the sportsbooks.

2. Back ‘Unders’ on the goal markets or a team on the plus handicap before cashing out for a profit after a few minutes of no goals.

3. Combine the sportsbook and exchange betting by backing an outcome at high odds on the former before laying it on the exchange marketplace.

Whether using it like a standard bettor or trying to guarantee profits from trading on the exchange, the options are plentiful. We’ll discuss those in greater detail later in our guides.

What Next?

By now, you should see that exchange betting is bigger and better than ever. They offer opportunities that simply aren’t available to standard sportsbook traders. As such, joining an exchange marketplace today can become one of the greatest weapons in the pursuit of profit.

Build upon this platform with a strong bankroll management and betting strategy for greater returns than ever before. In truth, those positive results will be reflected in your profit and loss spreads far sooner than you ever imagined.

Not least with our world-class support to help you along every step of the way. The road to riches awaits.

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