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Asian Handicap
1. Your Guide to Understanding Asian Handicap Betting
2. Finding The Right Asian Handicap Bookmaker
3. Asian Handicap Betting on the Premier League
4. In-Play Asian Handicap Betting – Introduction
5. Asian Handicap Lines Explained

Predicting the outcome of a football match prior to kick-off isn’t always easy, not least due to the number of variables involved. However, your forecasts on the outcome once the two teams have settled into the game are probably far more accurate. In-play Asian handicap betting is the perfect way to turn those more calculated projections into profit.

Whether it takes 15, 45 or even 75 minutes to realise how the rest of the game will pan out doesn’t matter. Those predictions, combined with smart betting habits, will make you a more profitable gambler. This guide will give you all the tools needed to thrive.

Where & When Can I Bet On Inplay Asian Handicap?

Inplay Asian handicap betting is available for several sporting events but is most commonly available on football matches. While most bookmakers now offer in-play betting on a variety of matches across multiple leagues, it is important to remember that some bookies are yet to offer Asian lines. Moreover, some of those that do provide those lines are restricted to pre-game markets.

Almost all of those that do will offer Premier League Asian handicap betting opportunities. With regards to the smaller leagues, however, some bookmakers may close those associated markets once the game has started. So, if planning to bet on a specific league, you’ll want to check your chosen bookies first. To do this, simply visit their site and check whether the inplay Asian handicap markets are available on the current selection of games.

Aside from football matches, it may be possible to find markets on live netball, handball, and rugby matches. However, it will be a lot harder to find the in-play Asian lines for obscure league and sports compared to the elite football events.

The Main Difference Between Pre-game & In-play Asian Handicap

Quite simply, the most important thing to remember is that your inplay Asian handicap bets take effect from the moment you place the bet. This essentially means that (at least in terms of calculating the bet) you need to forget the current scoreline.

Unlike backing the European handicap during play, you are NOT placing a bet on the Asian line from 0-0! Of course, this is unless the score is currently 0-0.


Team A are beating Team B 2-0 at half-time and you back them on the -1 Asian handicap line. The following outcomes are possible:

Team A fails to extend the lead, winning by either one or two goals. The inplay -1 line hasn’t been beat since placing the bet at 2-0, meaning the bet has lost. If Team B manage to draw or win, the bet has lost too.

Team A extends its lead by one more goal, with a final result of 3-0, 4-1, 5-2, etc. The -1 Asian handicap line has been matched since placing the bet at 2-0, and your stake is refunded.

Team A extends its lead by two or more goals, with a final score of 4-0, 5-0, 5-1, etc. The -1 Asian handicap line has been beaten, even from the 2-0 start. Your bet has won.

As with pre-game bets, the Asian line could be set to a -0.5, meaning there are no refunds and your bet will either win or lose. Likewise, a -0.25 may be available, which means you could get a half refund combined with a win or loss. Still, whatever the line may be, it takes effect from the current scoreline.

Why wait for the Inplay Asian Handicap?

Regardless of which market you wish to bet on, it’s always tempting to take the pre-game market. After all, you’re happy to back your predictions while there’s always the fear that the odds may shorten or that the bookies won’t offer Asian handicap betting markets once the game starts.

Nonetheless, waiting for the inplay (especially on football matches) brings a number of benefits for a punter. These include;

Having confirmation of the two teams, including personnel and formations.
The opportunity to watch the first few minutes to check whether the game follows the pattern that you expected.

The option to react to major incidents within the game such as goals or red cards.
Having a chance to bet according to factors which may influence either half, such as strong winds.

The more information you have at your disposal, the better your chances of making a calculated selection become. Whether watching the action via live television streams or monitoring developments via a bookmaker’s inplay console, making decisions based on what you see rather than the pre-game research alone can make a telling difference.

While there will be frustrating times ahead, such as when a team you fancy scores before you get to place your bet, waiting for the action to start can help eradicate some of your poor betting decisions and support your long-term betting strategies.

Full Match Asian Handicap Lines vs First-Half Asian Handicap Lines

For most sporting events (particularly football matches) where inplay Asian handicap lines are available, it will be possible to bet on the first-half lines too. This gives you even greater control over how you handle your betting activities.

Choosing the first-half alternatives is a fairly popular option, but you need to understand both the positives and negatives before confirming a selection. Here are some of the factors to consider regarding the first-half Asian lines.


Gives you an opportunity to make bets based on the current momentum, even when you feel that the pattern of play may change at a later stage.

A first-half handicap line may be set to -0.5 while the full-time is set to -2. Taking the first-half option avoids the threat of falling victim to a game petering out once your team is ahead.

If you win on the first-half markets, it may be possible to increase your winnings further after half-time by using the profits already secured. Even if you lose this bet, you’ll break even for the match.

It is possible to win your money back in the second period. Just remember that even the second bet should adhere to your staking plan. Chasing losses in a desperate fashion is never wise.


The team you back is more concerned about the full-time result, which can harm their sense of urgency during the first-half. If the other team scores, there’s less time for them to respond too.

After losing a bet by half-time, backing another selection in the same match could potentially double your losses.

The race against time means bets are more vulnerable to being severely damaged by injury stoppages. On the other hand, if you’ve backed a team on the + handicap, this can work in your favour.

It’s more tempting to rush into confirming your selection before conducting external research or watching the game develop.

The choice between first-half and full game lines can influence your win ratios and returns. However, most punters find that they use a combination of the two, even when there is a clear preference for one or the other.

Whichever option is selected, the key factor is to find a betting pattern that generates steady long-term profits.

Ways To Win From In-play Asian Handicap Betting

Increasing your bankroll is the only thing that truly matters to a gambler. For those that use it well, inplay Asian handicap betting provides a solid foundation. Still, it’s important to avoid erratic behaviour that can lead to a loss of control over staking plans and financial management.

Learning to find the formula for success for yourself is the hallmark of a successful punter. Here are some of the methods that can be utilised for great results.

In-play Asian Handicap Hints

Back losing favourites:

When a strong team is losing to an underdog, particularly at home, they will be determined to turn things around. Knowing that they will push for the equaliser, winner, and potential comfort goal gives you a chance to take advantage of that attacking emphasis.

The -1 Asian handicap is a particularly popular selection here while the -0.5 first-half is another frequently backed option.

Back winning favourites late on:

If a game is 0-0, the unfancied team is probably happy to hold on and protect a point. Meanwhile, those losing by two or more may look for damage limitation. When losing by one goal, though, they may take risks in hopes of rescuing a draw. This can leave gaps for the winning team to kill the game off with a second.

Betting on this scenario can also work wonders during cup matches.

Back the 0 Asian handicap:

The 0 Asian handicap line can be used to great effect in various ways. While the odds or low, if there’s virtually no chance of your team conceding, it almost gives you a free shot at increasing your bankroll.

Alternatively, if an underdog is performing well the 0 Asian handicap line offers a chance to back the upset for a big winner. This still maintains the safety net of a potential refund.

Bet on late goals:

As the match reaches the final stages, it becomes a race against time for the next goal. However, statistics generally show that the proportion of goals scored in the last 10 minutes of matches is far greater than any other period in the game.

While there are matches to avoid, such as those where the contest is over, the -0.5 line can be very profitable indeed.

While those methods can produce great results over the long haul, it’s still important to judge each match on its own merits. That’s why tracking the in-play developments is so vital.

Final Word

The inplay Asian handicap market can be very rewarding on a number of sports, with football being the most notable. The opportunity to remove the threat of losing on a drawn outcome is one that can work the odds in favour. Even if it does occasionally mean accepting slightly smaller payouts. With in-play Asian handicap opportunities at your disposal, your hopes of winning are even greater.

Use the combination of pre-game research with an analysis of how the match has developed, and you should find that you start picking more winners than ever!

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